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Cousin Sunday Funday

It was a magical cousin Sunday for our daughter. We started the day off with Disney On Ice and the girls dressed up as princess Mona. They enjoyed scenes from “Cinderella,” “Rupunzel,” “Frozen,” “Beauty and the Beast” and, of course, “Mona.” In addition, they saw the original Disney cast: Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. After the show we went to our cousins’ house for dinner and fun games. The kids had a dance party, played Eye Spy and they went on a “Grinch Hunt” and everyone took a Read more »

Our Holiday Season

Our holiday season always begins with the annual toy drive when Santa comes down each street in our neighborhood to collect gifts from boys and girls to give to children who may not receive many gifts.  Our daughter loved to listen closely to hear Santa’s sleigh bells so she can run out with her gift to give Read more »

Let The Holidays Begin!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We spent the weekend celebrating the holiday season.  My daughter and I decorated our very own gingerbread house. The house was a success despite my little one eating the icing as we were sticking on an assortment of candies and peppermint sticks. The next day my little Read more »

Congratulations To Our Daughter

We are so proud of our daughter for all her gifts and talents, and most of all for her sweet, kind and loving personality. She has achieved two accomplishments that she took pride in, passing level three in swimming and her first blue ribbon in her last horse show. Swimming and horseback riding are two of her favorite Read more »

The Magic of Disney

Fabulous, was the word our daughter chose to describe the “Disney On Ice” performance. We saw Frozen and Encanto, both magical performances that captivated our daughter with wide eyes and bright smiles for the entire show.  She danced, sang and cheered for her favorite characters.  We loved watching her Read more »

A Time Of Thanks

Thanksgiving is a special time for our family. It is a time we share our gratitude for all of our blessings, especially the love we share with our family and friends.  Our daughter explained that she is most thankful for “mom hugs, my pet, Tico and my whole family.” She also helped a turkey disguise himself Read more »

Happy Halloween

Halloween was an exciting time for our family.  We dressed up as characters from the movie, “Encanto.”  I was Mirabel, Adam was Bruno, our daughter was Isabella and Tico even joined the fiesta. We began the spooky weekend with a Halloween light show where we viewed an array of amazing displays of Read more »

An Awesome Ride

An awesome ride for our daughter at her second horse show with her family by her side.  She achieved a second place and two fourth place ribbons; we are so proud of her.  She was all smiles the whole time while being completely focused on her performance. After the competition was over, we all enjoyed a costume Read more »

More Fall Fun

More fall fun was had at another pumpkin farm with friends.  We met our friends at the pumpkin patch for hay rides, pumpkin picking, pony rides and feeding animals.  We made lots of different designs and shapes with the pumpkins in the patch and rode ponies with festive costumes.  Even the baby llama was Read more »

It’s Halloween Season

“Boo!” my daughter said cheerfully when she met the friendly ghost at the pumpkin farm.  She absolutely loves Halloween and enjoyed taking pictures with “OTTO,” the ghost.  She was very helpful selecting the perfect pumpkins that we are going to decorate with spooky faces.  We spent some Read more »

Field Trip To The Farm

My daughter and I attended her Pre-K school field trip to the farm.  We fed cows, sheep, goats, zebras and even camels.  She was so excited to see and pet all the animals; she had a smile on her face all day.  In addition, we took a hay ride out to a pumpkin patch where she chose two beautiful pumpkins for each Read more »

A Lego Birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday to our daughter’s best friend.  We spent the whole weekend celebrating with both families.  We enjoyed a beautiful backyard Lego themed party with a bounce house, mini roller coaster, cake and many other treats. Then, the next day we traveled to Legoland.  We went on numerous rides Read more »

Fly Fishing Weekend With Grandpa

We took a long weekend with Grandpa to a great fly-fishing stream.  My husband and I went fishing in the stream and caught various rainbow trout roughly 18 inches each.  We also enjoyed dining out and eating delicious meals and, of course, our daughter loved her “mac & cheese.”  While we were Read more »

Apple of My Eye

We began our fall family traditions this past weekend with visiting the apple orchard for apple picking.  We went with one of our best friends who has become an auntie to our daughter.  Our daughter loved finding all the apples from “baby” apples to large apples and putting them in our bag.  We Read more »

Our Daughter’s First Horse Show

It was a special day not only for our daughter but for the family as well.  We spent the day at our daughter’s first horse show and watched her smile with delight the entire time being with the horses.  Gigi and grandpa came out to support her and share in her happiness.  She took us all around the barn Read more »

End of Summer Trip

In mid August we traveled to a little spot centered around a big river filled with lots of fun things to do with the family.  We had a beautiful dinner riverside and celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.  We visited the aquarium where our daughter loved watching the sea lion show and touching sting rays.  We Read more »

Our Daughter’s Promise

I promise to be the best big sister.  I will teach the baby to play with toys and share toys I promise to give the baby my baby toys and everything I loved when I was a baby. I promise to help feed and hug the baby. I promise to sing to the baby. I promise to love the baby. Read more »

Our Promise

We promise to raise your baby with unconditional love always and forever. We promise to provide your baby with a loving, safe, secure, stable home filled with joy, faith and laughter. We promise to teach your baby about the beauty of kindness and generosity and the power of smiles. We promise to share the story of you as Read more »

What We Will Teach Your Baby

Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine- Snow White Don’t ever wish to be anything than who you are- Thumbelina You mean more to me than anyone in this whole world- Peter Pan Love is putting someone’s else needs before your own- Frozen Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale- Hans Christian Read more »

“You’ve Got a Friend in Me”- Toy Story- Meet Tico

Tico is our adorable 2-year-old Shih Tzu who brings joy and laughter to our family each day.  Tico is our daughter’s best friend- they spend countless hours playing tag in the yard, fetch and make believe games. Tico always continues playing no matter how tired he may be until she is ready to stop playing. Tico is the Read more »

Our Family Traditions

A Family Rooted in Customs and Traditions- Today’s Special Moments are Tomorrow’s Memories”- Aladdin” As a family we love celebrating just about everything.  Every fall we enjoy apple picking, pumpkin picking, trick-or-treating around our neighborhood, and Halloween shows.  During the winter we build a Read more »

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