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Our Story

We met at an industry networking event almost 6 years ago! We were both working in oil and gas and we were introduced by a mutual friend. A few weeks later Chris got up the courage to reach out and asked if we could get coffee. Neither one of us was expecting "a coffee" to change our lives, but here we are!!! We were married in May of 2019 at a small ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii surrounded by our closest family and friends.

Our love is easy and continues to deepen. We have both lived a lot of life and have learned to appreciate the little things. Family, friends, and community are so important to us.

We enjoy traveling, staying active together, going to concerts and sporting events, fishing, hiking, scuba diving, swimming, horseback riding, cooking, and gardening.

Having a family is incredibly important to us. We actually started our adoption journey in June of 2020 after several miscarriages. We found out we were pregnant again a few short months later. I (Jessi) was able to carry Matthew to term and he was born in April of 2021. He is our greatest joy and we live to see him smile.

Our hearts and faith have always pulled us towards adoption and after having Matthew we knew that we wanted to be open and trust God's plan and path. We are so excited to grow our family through adoption and pray that after getting to know us, you will want to be a part of our family as well.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a family-friendly urban neighborhood with many parks, trails, and bike paths all within walking distance. Our home is a two-story with four bedrooms. Our favorite place in our home is the kitchen and large family room. We love to cook and spend a lot of time together in this space. We host friends and family often and love having Matthew's little friends over for playdates. We also really enjoy working outside in the yard. We plant a garden every year that produces cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, strawberries, carrots, and lots of spicy peppers! After working in the yard or playing basketball in our driveway, our pool is the perfect place to cool off! Matthew loves the pool and swims almost every day! The pool has a heater so we use it from March to November! We do have a secure fence and alarm system for pool safety.

The nursery is downstairs near our room and main living area. It is the most beautiful room in the house with floor to ceiling windows and an adorable window seat. The window seat is a perfect spot to read books and watch the birds and squirrels.

Most weekends you can find us at the park, local farmers market, watching our favorite sports teams, or visiting friends and family. We love Sundays. We attend mass at our catholic church just a few miles from our home. We both grew up with family that appreciated and saw the beauty of the Lord's day. We believe Sunday's are for quality time with family and friends usually accompanied by a delicious Sunday meal.

About Chris by Jessi

adoptive family photo - About Chris by Jessi Chris is a wonderful husband, son, brother, uncle, partner, and friend. From the beginning, Chris has always been the most respectful and loving man I've every met. He still wakes up every morning and asks "Will you be my wife today?" He has wisdom beyond his years and truly understands the important things in life.

His kindness and thoughtfulness still astound me. He goes out of his way to support and love those around him. He has a genuine relationship with God and tries to live life loving others like Jesus.

Chris is a great mix of city and country. He enjoys a fancy dinner as much as an afternoon spent in the woods hunting.

I always knew he would be an amazing father, but seeing it lived out is truly magic. He is such a kind and gentle parent. Matthew adores Chris and they are best buds. Chris is a wonderful hands on dad. He is always there for Matty and puts his family first.

Chris is also incredibly driven. His tenacity and intelligence have propelled his career. He has accomplished so much but still remains one of the most humble people I know.

Chris has such a wide variety of interests, skills, and hobbies that keep us laughing, exploring, and learning. He has traveled the world and even lived in Argentina and Egypt. He can speak spanish, run marathons, and fly a plane. He also has a love for vintage Ford Mustangs, fly fishing, and hunting.


1) Chris worked & lived abroad in Argentina & Egypt for over 5 years!

2) Chris can speak Spanish.

3) He got his pilots license when he was 27 years old

4) He is the youngest sibling in his family by 17 years! And the tallest in his family at 6'4"

5) He loves spicy foods! The spicier the better!

Jessi by Chris

adoptive family photo - Jessi by Chris I absolutely adore Jessi and it is my honor to be her husband. She is the kindest most loving person I have ever known. Her personality and smile is engaging to everyone that meets her. Jessi is incredibly curious, smart, and well-accomplished professionally.

One of my favorite things about Jessi is her compassion for those around her. She strives to live her life
loving and serving others like Jesus did. She is a devoted follower of Christ and enjoys learning about and
walking in her faith. She is such wonderful mother to Matthew. She believes that the most important job in
life is caring for those closest to us. Jessi really enjoys being a stay at home mom and truly manages our home and little family with such grace. She nurtures, protects, teaches, and treats every day as an
adventure. They are always at the zoo, the aquarium, the library, the science museum, or the park. She has a zest for life and it is such a joy to see her sharing that with our son.

Jessi loves traveling, the ocean, animals, sushi, and the moon, just to name a few. Her favorite animal has always been elephants. She has always said "aside from humans, Elephants are thought to have the highest
emotional intelligence of any other animal on earth." That is a perfect insight to Jessi's heart and soul. She feels the people and things around her and experiences life through those connections.


1) One of Jessi's favorite hobbies is fishing.

2) In her mid-twenties, Jessi went on a 4 month solo trip around the world.

3) Jessi's dad was a professional football player and like him, Jessi is very tall. 6'0"

4) Jessi's childhood passion was basketball. She played in college and graduated with a degree in Business Marketing.
Before being a stay at home mom, Jessi worked in oil and gas. She was very successful and enjoyed the challenge of working in a male dominated industry.

5) Jessi is a hippie at heart! She loves nature intuitive eating, yoga, & meditation.

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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