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Julia & Matt

Hello, we are Matt, Julia and Isaac, along with dogs Matilda and Pavlov!

Hi there- we’re Matt, Julia and Isaac along with dogs Matilda and Pavlov!
We wish you could come sit on our porch, have a drink and maybe a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie (Matt makes a wicked good crust). One of our dogs will probably ask for a belly rub. Isaac might ask us to read him a story or Julia might point out which bird is at the feeder (many look like squirrels). Together, we could figure out what this journey will look like. What challenges are you facing? Do you have supportive people around you, and can we join them? What hopes and dreams do you have for your baby? With adoptive family members and friends already, we know this journey is bittersweet. But we’d like to listen to you- only you can tell us what your story is.

You’ll learn more about us as you read this profile but here’s a few thoughts about the life we would provide your child:

Your child will be loved unconditionally and helped to become
whoever they want to be through play, education, travel and
support from many loving family and friends.

We believe that open adoption is in the best interest of everyone and
we hope that our families can merge into an extended family with
visits, phone calls, letters- whatever your comfort level.

Your child’s culture, ethnicity and heritage will be a full part of your
child’s personal identity and our family identity.

Your child will be raised to ask questions and explore the world
around them.

Your child will understand the importance of community, living
sustainably and being an advocate for change.

In our adoptive family, your child will likely:
visit all the National Parks

be taught how plant an apple tree and other plants

will always have a dog, cat or pet of some sort

learn how to preserve jam and bake amazing desserts (secret
ingredient: love)

have a tendency to make up song parodies, tell silly jokes and
laugh a lot

know a variety of music genres and learn how to play an
instrument if they want to

be read to all the time and end up loving books

visit the beach at their grandparents every summer and be taught
how to steer a boat

Please feel free to reach out, we would love to answer your questions and learn more about you and your hopes for your child. We hope to become part of your journey and all build our family together- creating lives built on love, learning and laughter. We’ll bring the pie.

Our email is matthewandjulia@yahoo.com. If you are more comfortable contacting our agency, Bright Futures, please call 877-652-6698 or text 617-447-3498.

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Who We Are

Although we both grew up in New England, we didn’t meet until 2015. Julia was hard to pin down as she was off working in conservation medicine in various states. Matt was busy playing with DNA in the lab and hosting pub trivia. When we finally did meet, we fell in love quickly and absolutely, bonding over a similar sense of humor and love of language and science. We also shared values like treating everyone with kindness, giving back to the community and living sustainably. Our first date ended with us sailing paper airplanes; other dates included making up a silly high-five for improv night, escaping a puzzle room and hiking the Inca Trail (that was a really long one). We’ve been married for 6 years and we’re still having fun playing together and leaving room for the occasional adventure.

Julia works as a relief veterinarian and Matt works in a hospital lab- both of which have flexible schedules, allowing us to put home and family first. Matt’s parents live in nearby Narragansett and are always happy to help out. After welcoming Isaac into our lives, we knew we wanted to experience the joys and challenges of parenting again. Julia had looked into adoption as a single woman and many of Matt’s family members are adopted. Adoption is a natural and exciting choice for us.

We get outdoors in every season- sledding, berry picking, going to the beach, visiting farmer’s markets, camping and hiking. Days at home are filled with cooking, reading, listening to music on the porch, gardening and walking the dogs. Traditions are important to us- each holiday has its own little rituals and foods. There is an annual fall Abby's House walk and spring IncredAble 5k that we always participate in. Our weekly family night revolves around cooking a new recipe, banging on instruments and singing off key, playing a board game or watching a movie. Isaac would love a sibling to play “Monkey Around” or “Snail’s Pace” with! We look forward to making new traditions with a little one based on their background and roots!

Most of Matt's large extended family lives within an hour drive and, though his siblings live in other states, they visit often with their families. Julia has a wide network of friends but they are more scattered. All of our family and friends, both near and far, already dote on Isaac and are looking forward to loving another little one. We have a strong village around us; your little one will never lack for family and friends to have fun with and rely on.

Adoption Diary

Bubbles! by Julia

This picture doesn’t do what happened justice. We were at the playground close to dusk- it had been a long day and it was also very windy. Myself I was pretty much ready to go home when I got there! Isaac was playing but sort of bored too. Then this little two year old girl started using this giant bubble hoop- she would hold it up to the wind and so many bubbles would come out…some big, some bumpy, some tiny. They were sparkling and swooping around on the wind. All the kids started chasing them, barely ever catching them but the entire place was filled with their laughter Isaac was gleeful (and he slept well that night!) These are the moments I treasure ...when the day is so ordinary and suddenly something unexpected happens and it becomes beautiful, magical even.

Building Relationships is Like Playing Fetch by Julia

Ok bear with me on this. Isaac was trying to play fetch with Matilda. He kept throwing the stick when she was off sniffing a bush or rolling on her back. He was getting frustrated and we had to explain that he needed to show her the stick- otherwise she wouldn’t know he had thrown it or where to look for it. Just like in relationships- everyone needs to be on same page and communicate so that the activity can proceed. Needs and feelings should be accounted for. We hope this profile, these entries and photos serve to start a relationship with you, built on mutual trust, respect and communication. I was trying to cleverly end this paragraph by referencing fetch again somehow but I got nothing!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Julia & Matt

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