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Our Story

We met back in 2009 when Joey’s brother was dating Katie’s best friend. Joey was most drawn to Katie’s beauty and personality, her unique combination of casual fun and spiritual depth. Katie was drawn to Joey’s smile, love for God, wisdom, and silliness. We were married in 2012 and have only grown closer together through the joys of parenting.

We were overjoyed to adopt our daughter in 2018. She instantly lived up to her name, which means “my joy,” and has brightened our world every day since. We’ve always thought adoption was beautiful and we are thankful for our infertility, otherwise, we would have missed this amazing way God wanted to bring little ones into our home.

We come from families with grand traditions. Joey’s family loves the Indy 500 race and takes annual beach trips to Florida. Katie grew up enjoying annual family vacations, skiing on both snow and lakes. Northern Michigan is a favorite vacation spot for us! It’s the perfect place to hit the beach and enjoy the sun in the summer and bundle up for some snow fun in the winter.

Katie’s family is vivacious, loud, and opinionated (with a side of quirkiness) and they gather on Sundays for a big family meal. Joey’s family is calm, kind, and dependable and they’re best known for their pool days and meals around a big table. Our eight nieces and nephews dote on our daughter and they are some of her favorite people in the world. We both feel very fortunate to have grown up in homes that were havens of rest, safety, and security and we strive to make ours the same.

Christmas includes pajamas, visits from Santa, baking, and a Christmas Eve service. In keeping with family tradition, we get a real Christmas tree and decorate it together. We each have ornaments from when we were growing up, including a wooden train Katie hand-painted with her grandmother as a child and a piece of pottery that looks like poop that Joey made when he was little. One of our daughter's favorites is the newest ornament, a pink ballerina mouse!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is full of beautiful and old items, classic books, a collection of children’s books and amazing open-ended toys. Coffee is a big deal in our home and we start every morning with a cup of coffee while reading our Bible, sometimes before our daughter wakes up, oftentimes while she is playing in the early morning. We both feel like our home is a haven for our family and we’re readying it for another little one. We imagine the children will spend lots of time together exploring the backyard and playing downstairs in the finished basement turned playspace!

We’re nestled deep in an established neighborhood with lots of budding families, including many of our friends and family who moved into the neighborhood after us! It is such a joy to see them on walks and to trick or treat with them on Halloween.

We live in a suburb of Indianapolis and enjoy our family-friendly community. We love our local church family, and Joey’s work is close by. All of those reasons are why this is our forever area where we will raise a family and grow old together. We love the fullness of our life, surrounded, supported, and loved by family and friends that are just like family.

About Joey by Katie

adoptive family photo - About Joey by Katie Joey has optimism in all circumstances. He’s patient, making decisions deliberately, never in haste. His thoughtfulness is displayed most often through words; it was a sweet letter that first drew my heart to his. Joey works for his family’s manufacturing company that is now over 70 years old. He works alongside his dad, brother, aunt, and cousins.

Joey likes to spend his free time playing with our daughter, going on dates with me, reading a variety of books, or watching a Marvel movie with me. Woven through his depth is a lot of silliness and a man who melts when he makes his wife or daughter laugh. Watching Joey become a dad over the last three years has been incredible. He is intentional with our daughter in teaching her and has formed his own special rituals with her, such as “fun falls,” “tickle monster,” jazz music listening sessions, and snack time together. I know he looks forward to forming new and unique special times with another little one who joins our family.

About Katie by Joey

adoptive family photo - About Katie by Joey Katie has a creativity that shows up in hilarious and meaningful situations; sometimes she will suddenly use a funny voice that will have me in stitches, sometimes she will turn up a song in our car and initiate a slow dance in the driveway, often, she will plan an activity that is just perfect for the moment. She loves people and has a distinct sense and desire to care for them. Her wisdom, honesty, and compassion are such a gift to me, and a great service to everyone with whom she spends time.

Katie is such a remarkable mom. The intentionality, care, and playfulness she demonstrates in parenting our daughter is wonderful. Katie stays home to care for our daughter full-time. On a typical day, you can find them doing a ballerina craft, watching birds outside, baking something delicious together, and reading books together before rest time. I am so excited to see her passion for motherhood and her love for our family continue to grow with the addition of another precious child. Her kind heart and compassionate soul make her the most wonderful role model for children. Humble and generous, she inspires all who know her.

Katie loves watching Marvel shows and movies, reading books that make her think deeply, and spending time with her friends where they laugh a lot. Our favorite family activity currently is family movie night; we make popcorn and pick out our favorite Disney movie to watch.

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Joey & Katie

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