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Outdoorsy writer who loves to explore, learn and teach.

My name is Kristi. I'm a homestudy-ready single lady in my mid-thirties, with a steady job in customer service, a 100-year-old house (it's had a lot of updates, but still bears a few creaky floorboards to maintain character) and a bunch of pets. I'm a small-time Indie novelist and occasional-poet who loves to sing in the car. I used to think I was a timeless classic; turns out I'm a Millennial.

My older sister is a birthmom, and my younger sister was adopted. My grandparents adopted three of their five kids; one of Mom’s cousins was adopted; one of my cousins and her husband adopted their two kids. My best friend and her husband recently adopted a young sibling group out of foster care. In my church and work communities alike, there are many families formed through adoption: kinship, domestic, international, foster, private. Some of the families look eerily similar in spite of not sharing DNA, while others are beautifully, brazenly conspicuous. My crew is excited to embrace another child, and adoption is familiar to them.

I believe our hearts are elastic, and can always stretch around "one more" no matter how many times "one more" comes into our lives. If you let me, I will wrap my heart around your child and love them wholly, unreservedly, with every fiber of my being. I will love you, too. I will appreciate you for who you are. I will honor and speak well of you, and will always want you to thrive.

My mom and I combined our resources and credit scores in 2020, and bought a house. We split the bills, housework and yardwork. After my company-provided family leave Grandma will be able to watch the baby(ies) while I'm at work.

Thank you for considering me to parent your baby. I pray that you will have peace, clarity, and confidence in your decision, and that your hopes are fulfilled.

With gratitude,


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Who I Am

All my life, I have wanted to be two things: a writer and a mom.

I'm an Indie novelist. I love the concept stage, research, first draft, editing. I've even become somewhat competent in designing my own covers. Marketing is scary; I couldn't even sell Girl Scout cookies as a kid. Fortunately I know enough not to quit my day job!

When my mom adopted as a single parent, I committed to staying. To helping raise my little sister. She came home to us already 2 years old, and is seventeen now. L is smart, creative and resourceful. She has a different hair color every month or so, enjoys her part-time job, and is planning to get her own place next year. Co-parenting her has stretched my heart and mind in ways both expected and surprising, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I love the woods, the lake, the mountains, the prairies. One day I'd like to see an ocean, and a desert.

My best friend's kids are getting old enough to logroll down hills. I joke that my childhood is coming back to haunt them ... but other than the 90's movies, it was pretty good. As a kid I learned about flowers, birds, trees, how to read the wind and smell the rain. These pieces of childhood still bring me peace and joy. I'm grateful for the chance to share those things with the ones I love, and excited to share them with my child(ren), too.

Adoption Diary

Another wedding

My eldest cousin on Mom’s side, A, had a small, intimate, lovely wedding. She was absolutely radiant! It was wonderful to see her so happy.
The small ceremony was held at the church where her husband, E, grew up; the reception was at a park. There had been rumors of rain, but the entire day was clear and mild, and we all spent most of it outside.
A was born when I was ... fifteen, if I remember correctly. Until then, my siblings and I had been the only grandkids. It was tons of fun - I was old enough to appreciate how flipping cute that baby/toddler/young child was, and she was untainted enough to think I was cool. That lasted until A was in middle school; one day her family came to visit and I sat the kids down to watch Honey, I Shrunk The Kids because they (my sister L included) had never heard of it. They all giggled, gasped and stared blankly in turns, and at the end A turned to me and asked, “How old ARE you, anyway?!?”
Those old 90’s movies, man. Cool-killers, all of them.

Hometown Concert

On Friday night my family went back to the little town where I grew up. My best hometown friend, A, organizes an annual benefit concert for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and it’s fun to go see everyone.

A’s dad decided in his fifties to start a garage band, and they got good enough to go perform in bars, clubs and dance-halls around the region. The friends they’ve made during their travels over the years donate their time, so we usually have several hours’ worth of Blues and Jazz.

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