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Our Story

We met in college and got married in May of 2012. Sam graduated with her Bachelors degree in Biology and Education shortly after we married and Seth recently completed his Masters degree in nursing management. Our relationship is one that is built on faith and trust. On our wedding day we vowed to stick together through it all and while our lives have not always gone the way we hoped, our marriage has remained strong and we could truly not be happier than we are when we're together.
We always knew that we wanted children, and planned to adopt. We were blessed with 2 beautiful little girls biologically but after the loss of our twins at 24 weeks gestation we knew that it was time to start working toward something we'd always adopt! We are surrounded by wonderful people, including our 2 daughters that cannot wait to join us in showering another baby with love!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is not one you will find in a magazine. It is loud and messy and crazy but filled with love! We own our 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house in a super fun neighborhood with lots of kids and a community lake where we spend the entire summer swimming, kayaking and jumping off the dock!
Our favorite room in the house is our family room. It has a cozy fireplace and keeps all of our favorite family games for game nights. The kitchen is by far the most used room in our home! Being a stay at home mom means 3 meals and a minimum of 3 snacks are prepared here every single day!
I think if I had to choose one place in our house to be my (Sam’s) personal favorite it would be the play room. It is right off the kitchen so I get to watch my kids learn, play, imagine (and fight) together everyday! We also used some of their favorite books and some of the bible verses we pray they know are truth to decorate!

About Seth (written by Sam)

adoptive family photo - About Seth (written by Sam) When I married Seth, I married my best friend. I didn't know it at the time but I also married a man who was going to be my rock through some of the toughest times. He is funny, he is hardworking, and he is the best dad. He works tirelessly as a nursing manager at our local hospital making sure things are running smoothly. He leads our family to love God more and to stop and enjoy each and every day! He loves to read and can be found daily reading huge piles of books to our girls. If he's not reading to them, he's playing with them or making up silly songs. I am so thankful God chose Seth to be my forever and I know that he will, without a doubt, love a new baby with the same fierce, protective, loyal love he already shows us.

About Sam (written by Seth)

adoptive family photo - About Sam (written by Seth) I have been incredibly blessed to be able to call Sam my wife for almost 10 years! We have had many ups and downs during our marriage but have loved each other through it all. Sam is an incredible wife and mother who brings out the best in everyone around her. She is highly motivated in everything she does and drives our family forward in all areas of life. One example of this was her ability to teach and care for junior high children from a variety of backgrounds, races, and income classes. She now uses her energy to guide, love, and teach our girls to love God and to love those around them. She loves showing them new crafts, sharing her love of animals with them, and giving them a real excitement about life. I am confident she will show the same love to any child that God chooses to bless us with!

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Sam & Seth

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