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Dear Expectant Parent,

Thank you for considering adoption! We are honored to be a part of your journey. We are praying for you and your baby. Our faith has guided us to this moment, and we know God is there to guide you as well.

We are Craig and Denise. We’ve been married 13 years. We live in the greater Houston area in a rural neighborhood. There’s lots of big oak and pecan trees and plenty of space to run around and play. We have one son, Sebastien, that we adopted in January 2020.

Craig works as a lawyer and Denise is a stay at home mom who also breeds and works with Ragdoll cats so there’s no daycare required. On the weekends we enjoy DIY projects, playing with Sebastien at the park, or visiting friends. We eat dinner together as a family every night. Both of us love being parents and are so very excited to add another child to our family.

We are both close with our extended families, even though we do not live close to them. With FaceTime it’s so easy to remain in each other’s lives, and we visit as often as we can. Craig’s family lives in Arlington, TX and Denise is a native Californian who got to Texas as quickly as she could. We fly to California every year to visit with Denise’s family, hit the beach, and enjoy Disneyland. Craig has one younger brother, and Denise has two younger brothers.

If you like animals, then we are the best family. We have seven Ragdoll cats, a goofy Cocker Spaniel, and the cutest chickens who eat out of our hands. As you can imagine, life gets hectic with all the animals and a small child, but we love it. Our house might not always be perfectly picked up, and sometimes you’ll come away with white cat fur on your black pants, but through the clutter we’re loving each other and living life to the fullest.

Please know that your sacrifice is not lost on us. We want you in our life and we welcome an open adoption relationship with you. We hope to build a wonderful relationship with you. We are so excited to meet you!

With all our love,

Craig and Denise

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Who We Are

We met through an online dating site. Denise had just moved to Houston from California and didn't know anyone. Craig had just moved to Houston from the Dallas area and he didn't know anyone. For our first date, we met at Outback Steakhouse and really hit it off. Two months later we cancelled our dating contract. Within a year of meeting we were engaged and married in October 2018. We live in a custom built home in Dickinson, TX in an older, formerly rural neighborhood. There's a lot of nature and the feel of privacy while being very close to shopping and all the amenities of living close to a big city. Craig is happiest when he's problem solving. He loves practicing law. A couple of years ago he opened his own law office. Denise helps out occasionally but she's most often a stay at home mom. One the side she's a Ragdoll Cat Breeder. Their adopted son, Sebastien, keeps her plenty business and they can hardly believe what their lives would be like without him. Family and animals make us happy. As a child, Denise wasn't able to have typical companion animals like a dog or a cat. She promised herself when she grew up she'd have as many animals as she wanted. And she does! Besides the Ragdoll cats and a goofy cocker spaniel, they also keep chickens that supply their family with fresh eggs. Sebastien loves feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs.

Adoption Diary

A Sign?

So is this a Sign or did someone sell an adoption mailing list? In today’s Mail we received this Welcome Baby kit from Enfamil.  I was shocked to say the least and a little upset because we don’t have a baby. Why would this company send this to us? Then I thought, maybe it’s a sign that our baby is coming soon. The formula expires November 2022 so I’m praying this is a sign and we’re going to connect with a Birth Mother soon. Our hearts are open and ready to receive a new baby!

Dear Birth Mother 01/20/2022

Dearest Birth Mother, I’m thinking about you today and I’m wondering how you’re doing.  I’m so interested in getting to know you!  We adopted our son, Sebastien, from foster care, so we do not have a relationship with his birth mother since it’s a closed adoption.  As he gets older, I can see that having even a small relationship with his birth mother would be helpful for him. He’s the cutest little boy.  And so smart! He started talking when he was four months old and has never stopped.  I wonder if it would be better for him to have a little sister or a little brother, but then I understand that whichever we receive will be perfect for our family.  I’ll close today by letting you know that we pray daily for you—even Sebastien! You should hear his cute little prayers.  They’re so earnest as he asks God for a little sister or brother.  He’s going to do great with a new baby in the house!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Craig and Denise
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Craig and Denise