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To Someone Special,

We are Joe and Christine and we want to begin by thanking you for taking the time to get to know us. Your decision to consider adoption is extremely brave. We cannot begin to imagine the emotional journey that you are going through right now or the tough decisions that lie ahead. Just know, we are excited at the thought of getting to know you and to get the opportunity to build a future together, if you so choose. We are grateful for the chance to become parents through adoption and we know that we wouldn't have this opportunity without you.

We met 8 years ago and have been happily married for 5 years. We both have careers in education and share a mutual love of children and a commitment to supporting and nurturing kids of all abilities. Not much gives us more joy than helping our students develop into happy, kind, and confident adults. This common passion is one of the first things that brought us together and will continue to be our focus as we embark on parenthood.

Speaking of parenthood; oh man are we excited! We are so looking forward to the extra layer of love that everyday life will have with a little one added to our family. We know that our home will be full of belly-laughs, family adventures, bedtime stories, and spontaneous dance parties at every opportunity.
We also know that life will slow down and will be filled with diaper blowouts, tough days, and sleepless nights but we are equally ready to embrace those messy moments as well.

We have a strong family and friend support system and are grateful that they all live nearby in neighboring communities. We are very open to the challenges of adopting outside of our race and we all are committed to being lifelong advocates for the child that joins our family. We will also be intentional in learning about your culture and will embrace the traditions you treasure, incorporating them alongside our own year after year.

We will always embrace you as a key part of this lifelong journey and if you're comfortable, would like to get together in-person four times per year; twice in your hometown and twice near ours. We will keep an open window into this little one's life through weekly updates the first 6 months and continued monthly updates thereafter, shared by text or similar option that works best for you. We know the importance of connection and communication and we hope you will continue to share with us the hopes and dreams you have for this little one.

We are open and ready to hear your thoughts on the type of relationship you envision for us all. Please know that no matter the relationship you wish to have, we will always talk about your bravery and your love for this child. We thank you for your continued strength as you consider us and an adoption plan.

With love and gratitude,

Joe & Christine

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Who We Are

Joe and I are proud members of the "we met online" club and laugh a little each time we say it. Before our first date, we spent a few weeks simply exchanging long emails, texting, and talking on the phone and we both recognized that we had an instant and special connection.

A couple of months after our first date, we took his oldest nephew, Luke (about 4 years old at the time) to the zoo. During this date, as I watched Joe navigate the busy crowds and get soaked in the splash pad right along with Luke, I had my first glimpse that confirmed all my suspicions; this guy is going to be a fun-loving and patient Dad!

My second suspicion was
also confirmed that day; yep, it was soon but I knew then that I wanted to marry him one day. Thankfully, he felt the same way!

It doesn't matter what we are up to; laughing and being together is where we want to be.

Please check out our Adoption Diary to learn more about our adorable dog (Sullivan), our families, and what we love most about each other!

Adoption Diary

We love being Aunt Christine and Uncle Joe!

Being a part of our nephews’ lives is one of our greatest joys! We always look forward to the time we spend with Luke and Garrett, whether playing HORSE in the driveway, movie and ice cream nights, or getting messy together carving pumpkins.

Joe loves being the one they ask to play catch with in the yard and I love being the go-to Lego helper. The little league games alone have brought us so many laughs and smiles.

We feel lucky to have a front row seat as they grown up!

Joe’s Family

I have a close relationship with my parents and my younger brother. Growing up it never quite occurred to me just how lucky my brother and I were to have a Dad that coached all of our sports teams and a Mom that was our biggest supporter through every win and loss. They were both always present and as an adult I appreciate and understand just how special and influential that was and continues to be. My parents loving nature was also influential in my decision to pursue a career that allows me to support kids and help them recognize their strengths,  achieve their goals, and feel cared for.

Some of my favorite memories from my childhood revolve around the things we did and still do together as a family. I have always looked forward to our annual trip to the Indianapolis 500, our summer vacations together, and my favorite family tradition of unwrapping presents together at Christmas followed by our big home cooked breakfast.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Christine & Joe

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Christine & Joe