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03. Creating Memories That Last

Beginning in March 2021, I started a journey to create a memory of a lifetime for my amazing partner that we would never forget. In the past year we had discussed getting married and always knew we would eventually tie the knot but neither of us knew when. Well, that’s what at least what Mitra thought. I had been secretly thinking of our engagement for over a year and begin to put it into motion in the spring of 2021. I am a very romantic guy who is full of surprises and wanted to plan a proposal that not only Read more »

02: Mitra’s Journey to Motherhood

As young women I would always gravitate towards children, playing with them and doing artistic activities. Whenever I would attend family gatherings, I would be the one spending time with the children. I have always known that I wanted to be a mother. Christopher and I started talking about wanting to grow our family and the Read more »

01: Beginning Our Adoption Journey

Beginning our adoption journey has been the most exciting time of our lives. While we feel prepared to have a child enter our loving home, we acknowledge the vulnerability and patience this process asks of us. We are far from perfect and do not represent a typical American family, our unique cultural intersection is something Read more »

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