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Mommy, Is Lisa Our Family?

My dear friend’s Amelia and Pauls daughter and me, in my kitchen. She helped serve! I love her to the moon and back.

Hear what she and her parents have to say about me, in an excerpt from their recommendation letter. The full letter is in the About Section. 

“Lisa’s big heart and loving nature continued to be a support for us when we decided to start a family five years ago. We now have a four year-old daughter, who adores Lisa, as well as her two cats, Bear and Juno.

We remember a day when our daughter asked Amelia, “Mommy, is Lisa our family? I really want her to be our family.” Lisa is family to us.

We never hesitate to leave our daughter in Lisa’s care. We know that she will be safe, loved, and taken care of. Lisa always puts our daughter’s emotional needs first. We have see this during many visits and times spent together. Especially when our daughter was having a difficult day/time. We have seen Lisa’s empathic presence and how it helps healing.

As a mother, I (Amelia) felt grateful for Lisa’s kind and grounding presence. Recently, our daughter made a drawing of Lisa, Juno and Bear. She insisted on mailing this to Lisa. Our daughter worked on a school project to create a family board. It was only natural for us to include a picture of Lisa and Bear and Juno.

We are fortunate and blessed to have Lisa in our lives and to know that she would be there if our daughter needed.”

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I hope you can get a good sense of the kind of person I am, how I will love and raise this child. Please reach out. I welcome hearing from you.

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