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99 days!

Only 99 days until Christmas! This countdown chart was a favorite routine for Megan and her mom, and since her mom passed away this countdown Santa has lived with us! We hope that next Christmas we will be sharing holiday traditions with our baby! Read more »

Happy birthday!

We celebrated a friend’s birthday last night with lots of delicious food and treats! It was a fun way to start out the week. Read more »

3 year anniversary

It’s the 3rd anniversary of the death of Megan’s mom. Even though she won’t meet our future child, our child will know all about her! Read more »

Funny photo memories

Megan’s sister came across this hilarious childhood photo of the two of them! We can’t wait to take endless silly photos with our future child! Read more »

Riding the tram

Took the tram to Roosevelt Island today for coffee and a walk with a friend! There are so many ways to get around NYC- we can’t wait to share this city with our child! Read more »

Last minute shopping

Stopped by Old Navy today to pick up some last minute back to school items! Can’t wait for the days we will need to come in to purchase baby clothes! Read more »

Sweet summer!

Labor Day weekend really makes the end of summer vacation official! With the failed adoption in July, our summer did not go the way we’d hoped. But we had some sweet times with family and friends and are looking forward to the fall. Read more »

Lesson Planning Time

It’s officially the end of summer so it’s back to lesson plans for Megan! Both of us work in schools which will give us a nice schedule for raising a family. We can’t wait to have our own little one to come home to after school each day. Hoping we will make a connection this fall! Read more »

Avon Memories

We loved to see this Avon display in the mall! Megan’s mom was an Avon Lady in the 80s and this brought back so many memories! Read more »

US Open 2021

After missing the event last year due to the pandemic, Mark has been having a blast at the US Open! Read more »

Family visit

So much fun was had catching up with cousins and their children this summer! We hope that next year we can introduce our own little one to their cousins. Read more »


Mark made a new friend in Chicago! We had a delicious brunch downtown with friends, then spent some time visiting with them and their sweet dog Sugars! Read more »

Golden Girls

Perfect plates for lunch with Megan’s aunt! We love this show and she always finds the best stuff. Our future baby will surely be spoiled by her! Read more »


We had so much fun playing outside with this little guy! He hopes next summer we can bring a new cousin for him to play with. We can’t wait for our child to grow up with a big group of cousins just like we did! Read more »

Chicago friends

One of the best parts of this summer was hanging out with Megan’s friend Rose and her husband, and meeting their baby daughter for the first time! We hope on our next visit we will be able to bring our own little one. Read more »


We watched the Clueless movie so many times this summer, so of course we stopped for this photo during our California trip! Read more »

Secret Life of Pets

We ended up with a bonus trip to California after our failed adoption, so we went to universal studios! The new Secret Life of Pets ride was so cool! Read more »

Nice mask

Doing some retail therapy on the drive back from our failed adoption in Arizona, and Mark forgot his mask in the car. He had to wear one of Megan’s to go inside! Read more »

Beach boy

Can you believe this summer has turned Mark into a beach boy? Megan is beyond thrilled that he now enjoys going to the beach as much as she does! Read more »

School memories

It was so fun to see our childhood memories back in stores! Both of us are thinking about actually getting a trapper keeper for back to school, which is coming up way too fast! Read more »

July 4th

We have been traveling a lot this summer, but we had a low key 4th of July at home in NYC with a visit to the ice cream shop on our street. Read more »


Tell me Mark isn’t ready to be a dad, look at him out here already acting like one! He is ready for dad jokes for sure. Read more »

90s games

Megan’s sister has all of their childhood games and it was really fun to get this one out during our visit! Read more »

Giant Dwight!

As big fans of The Office, we laughed so hard at this giant Dwight when we visited the Funko Hollywood shop! Read more »

Cracker Barrel

This was Mark’s first time ever at a Cracker Barrel! We look ready to both sit with a baby on a rocking chair AND be an old married couple! Read more »

BFF reunion!

Megan and her best friend Megan were reunited at last after a move and covid kept them apart for over a year! Read more »

First flight!

In June we took our first flight since 2019 and are happy to report that all felt safe and organized with no issues with mask use etc! Read more »

Summer memories

The failed adoption this summer really took a lot out of us, but we also made some amazing memories and look forward to sharing them over the coming weeks before we go back to school! Read more »

Adoption disruption

We’ve been quiet for a month or so because we had matched with an expectant mom and have been spending time talking with her daily, bonding with her, and supporting her emotionally as well as financially. We flew out to meet her and be present for the birth of the baby, and she ended up changing her adoption plan and Read more »

Kindergarten Graduation

It was a windy day but we made it work! Megan and her TA distributed diplomas to their class this morning. We had a great year but we are ready for summer vacation! It will be so nice to have the summer off once we start our family. Hope to make that connection soon! Read more »

Last full day!

It was the last full day of kindergarten, so Megan took her teacher assistant out for a well deserved drink! Just a few half days left to go. Summer vacation starts soon, and we hope to spend time connecting with our child’s birth family. Read more »

Monday morning

It’s Monday morning but we are still thinking about our fun summer weekend! NYC summer is about to start and we look forward to sharing this city with our child one day! Read more »

Ice cream dates

After a great evening out with friends last night, we stopped for a treat at a new ice cream shop in our neighborhood. We can’t wait to create sweet summer memories with our child one day. Read more »

In the Heights

We saw the In the Heights movie tonight and it was amazing! We both love to see theater and can’t wait for the return of Broadway this fall! Read more »

Pretty Little Liars

Megan and her best friend have matching letter m tattoos on their fingers, for their matching first names and for their favorite show Pretty Little Liars which they watched together every week! Read more »

Tower of Terror

We will be at Disneyland in a few weeks, but we definitely won’t recreate this Tower of Terror memory from Disneyland Paris! It’s a funny memory but as you can tell by the look on Mark’s face- he did not like the ride! We can’t wait to make vacation memories with our child one day! Read more »

Graduation is next week!

This school year is coming to an end! This picture was from last year’s kindergarten graduation. We are excited to have an in person event for Megan’s class this year! Read more »


If we are chosen to become parents, our child will have so many cousins to grow up with! We both grew up in large families with lots of cousins so we are hoping our child can do the same. These girls are ready to meet a new cousin! Read more »

Cruella movie

We saw Cruella this morning, our first time back at the movie theater since the pandemic began. We loved the movie! Read more »

Happy Donut Day!

It’s one of our favorite days of the year, national donut day! We can’t wait to share these fun traditions with our child. Donuts are Megan’s favorite food! Read more »

Coworker family

Both of us have been at our current jobs for over 10 years! Many of our coworkers have become family to us, and all are ready to welcome a baby into our lives. These are some of the other teachers at Megan’s school. Read more »

Chicago friends

We can’t wait to get to Chicago and see our friends and family this summer. Megan’s friend Rose has recently had a baby girl and we hope our children will play together one day! Read more »

June 1st

In this month Megan will be reunited with her best friend (who is also Megan!) after a cross country move and the pandemic kept them apart. We can’t wait to see her again!! This photo is from NYC’s Mermaid Parade. Read more »

Tennis weekend

Mark has been watching the French Open on tv this weekend! It’s been awhile since he has been able to watch in person due to the pandemic. The last time he was able to was at the US Open in 2019, where we celebrated his birthday with their official drink! We also had this drink featured as Mark’s signature cocktail at our Read more »

At the mall

Check out Mark carrying all the shopping bags and empty coffee cups! He’s going to be great at carrying all the baby supplies once we are lucky enough to have a child join our adventures. Read more »


We are spending the rainy Memorial Day weekend inside- today we went to the American Dream mall and there are so many fun things to do there, including Angry Birds mini golf! We look forward to these experiences with our child one day. Read more »

Care Bears

We love to see the 80s characters making a comeback- Care Bears have always been a favorite! We can’t wait to find out what characters our future child will be into! Read more »

Childhood Halloween costumes

We love Halloween! One year Megan’s mom dressed her and her sister Morgan as m&ms; because of their names! We can’t wait to take our child trick or treating one day. Read more »

US Open

We can’t wait to get back to the US Open this summer! We always go for Mark’s birthday. One day we hope to bring our child to this NYC tradition! Read more »

One month!

Next month at this time we will be with Megan’s sister! Can’t wait to see what kind of fun things we will do. On our last visit we went to the Hello Kitty Cafe! Read more »

Travel goals!

Mark loves to travel, especially to Europe. He can’t wait to show the sights to our future child one day! Read more »

Sweet summer weekend!

We hope our summer will be even sweeter with the addition of a new baby! We are open to a relationship of any comfort level of the birth family. Please reach out to us to connect! Read more »

Disney soon!

Can’t believe next month we will be on another Disney trip! We can’t wait to go on family vacations with our future child. Read more »

Pizza delivery!

We got a special delivery yesterday of deep dish pizza from Chicago! Megan’s dad shipped it to us in NYC. We can’t wait to eat it! We also can’t wait to bring our child to Chicago for regular family visits (and of course the best pizza)! Read more »

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was the 8th wedding anniversary for Megan’s sister and her husband, pictured here with us on our wedding day! Read more »

FaceTime friends

Things are getting back to normal, and soon we will be able to see our favorite dogs in person (though FaceTime with them has been fun)! Read more »

All you need is love!

We are hoping to self match rather than use an agency, so our child will grow up knowing that their birth family and us looked for, found, and chose each other. We are eagerly awaiting the day we make this connection! Read more »

Chicago girls!

These hometown Chicago girls are actually watching the Cubs play in New York. Fun fact- fellow Chicago girl Elisabeth Moss was also at this same game! We can’t wait to bring a little sports fan to future games. Read more »

Sweet vibes only!

Wishing everyone a sweet weekend! And always hoping it will be the day we make the connection that will start our family! Read more »

Happy birthday!

Wishing a happy birthday to Megan’s cousin and BFF! We can’t wait to raise our child alongside hers, growing up in a close group of cousins like we did. Read more »

Friends around the world

Mark loves traveling, and has made many lasting friends over the years on trips to various countries! Our future baby will be welcomed all over the world! Read more »

Fun bulls fan find!

We are Bulls fans in our home so it was exciting to find these at the grocery store! We hope to have a baby bulls fan with us soon! Read more »

Return to Broadway!

We are so excited that theatre is coming back to NYC this fall and have a few plans to see some shows when they return in September! Last week we virtually watched a live performance of Titanique but we can’t wait to see those in person performances! One day we hope to share this NYC experience with our child- we wonder Read more »

Boy cousins

We both grew up with lots of cousins, who have started raising their own families. We look forward to seeing our child grow up with cousins as we did! We wonder if our child will join all the girls in Megan’s family or all the boys in Mark’s! Read more »

Sunday FaceTime

Every Sunday morning we FaceTime with Megan’s aunt Carol, and we can’t wait for our future child to get to know her! Read more »

Chosen Family

This is Megan’s best friend’s mom, who has been a 2nd mom to her for many years! She even flew to NYC to help her try on wedding dresses. We are so blessed to have loving chosen family members in our lives and we hope to add a child soon! Read more »

Mother Day Cards

Here is just one of the hilarious and priceless cards created in Megan’s kindergarten class to be sent home to moms today! We can’t wait to have a collection of these in our home. Read more »

Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday was cinco de Mayo, which brings us so many memories of celebrating with Megan’s mom. They loved to have a margarita together! Our signature drink at our wedding was even called the Kathyrita in her memory. While we are sad that she won’t get to meet or child, he or she will definitely know all about her! Our Read more »

Future Grandparents

Mark’s parents were thrilled to walk down the aisle with him at our wedding. They will be even more excited when they meet their future grandchild! Read more »

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Shout out to all the teachers who have been working double and triple time this year! This year requires so much more work yet teachers continue to do all those little things to reach out to their students, including things like masking up the elf on a shelf! Megan’s class elf even followed us to our home when her school Read more »

NYC memories

One of our favorite NYC memories is walking to our wedding! We can’t wait to create unforgettable memories in the city with our future children. Read more »

Super mom to be

The girls in our family love wearing matching pjs! The super mom sock does not belong to Megan (she’s the bride slipper in this one) but hopefully she can wear it one day! Read more »


We are so happy it’s Friday! This has been a long school year and we are ready for the weekend. Hoping it’s full of fun and donuts! And always, hoping it will be the day we connect with an expectant mother. We are ready to welcome a baby! Read more »

Flower Girl Memories

At 5 years old, Megan was the flower girl in her aunt’s wedding! We can’t wait to share and document these life experiences with our future child. Read more »

We love Christmas!

One of the things we are most looking forward to as future parents, is Christmas! We have so many traditions that we can’t wait to share with our children. Read more »

Summer countdown!

8 weeks until summer vacation and this teacher is ready NOW. Can’t wait to be reading outside in the sun. Summer days will be even more enjoyable when we add a baby to our family! Read more »

Dog people

We don’t have any pets, but we’re definitely dog people. We love to play with the pets of our friends and family! Read more »

Going to Chicago!

Our summer plans keep getting better- we have now planned a visit to Chicago to see Megan’s family! The pandemic has kept us away from our families and we are beyond ready to see them again. We are looking forward to recreating this picture with cousins at this restaurant, especially because they have a gigantic pretzel on Read more »

#tbt !

Check out this McDonald’s memory of Megan in the 80s! We can’t wait to create memories with our future children. Read more »

Engagement memory!

We look forward to telling our child about the night we got engaged during a concert in NYC. Our child will know all aspects of their history, including their birth story and the history of their birth family. Read more »

Prayer Garden

The cousins have made a visit to the prayer garden in memory of Megan’s mom. We hope to one day share this moment with our child! Read more »

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