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Our Story

Stacey is the milk. Nate is the peanut butter cookie. We just go together well. In all seriousness, we are very fortunate to have a great marriage and a wonderful friendship. We believe the thing that ties everything together is supporting one another through the good times and bad.

We met back in 2010 when we both worked for the same hospital. We started to date in 2011. We got a house, two cats, a dog, got married in 2013, and… the rest is history! (we also currently have a goldfish named Mr. Fish).

Our love for fun, travel, the outdoors, and spending time at our family’s cottage on Lake Michigan keeps us busy – but we are always looking for our next adventure. A few years ago we started a family- and then came Tessa Rose, our adventurous toddler. Tessa will be a wonderful sister…. she LOVES babies and other kids! We have always wanted her to have a sibling and couldn’t imagine her growing up without one. One of our Uncles once said, “everything grows better in pairs!” We couldn’t imagine her not having someone to play with and get into (a little bit) of mischief with!

When we look into the future, we see our kids growing up and sharing their lives together, having each other to lean on and making wonderful memories together long after we’re gone.

That’s the story of us :)

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a really cute neighborhood in Caledonia. Our house is the typical two-story house, but filled with fun and love. The inside is usually littered with toys (both child and pet toys!) but we make it work.

The basement is finished and mostly used to watch movies or sports and to do the occasional load of laundry. The main floor has a little office, living room, and our kitchen. The upstairs has 3 bedrooms (we occupy one, Tess is in the second, and the third would be for our new munchkin)

We plan to have each child have their own room that could be decorated however they wanted. There is a bathroom on each floor.
The backyard has a large deck that is covered and plenty of yard and grass to play in for hours! There is also a massive playset with saucer swings, a treehouse and slide. We have a small basketball pad and hoop next to the deck.

We built an enclosed garden a few years back that will be really fun for the kids to play in and grow flowers and veggies when they get a few years older.

Our neighbors are really nice and also have small children and grandchildren. We plan to stay in this location for the time being.

Stacey (aka Mom!)

adoptive family photo - Stacey (aka Mom!) Stacey's Career
I love my job! The people I work with are amazing and fun. I’ve worked in healthcare for nearly my entire career. Currently, I work with an international dialysis company that helps provide life-saving care for thousands of people throughout the world.

I’ve been there for almost 5 years and hope I can stay for many more. I get to help coordinate operations for our region and make sure everyone stays on task! My favorite thing about my role is getting to plan parties and our annual Christmas presents for staff and patients. It makes me feel like a real-life Santa and I really enjoy knowing it makes people feel appreciated and valued.

Nate (aka Dad!)

adoptive family photo - Nate (aka Dad!) Nate's Career
I am the in-house attorney for a small, family-owned company that sells and leases regional aircraft and engines, and distributes parts for both. The aviation industry is an interesting and unique field, I enjoy the challenges my job brings, and I enjoy working with a great team that is based locally and globally. Since we’re a small, family-owned company, my employer also understands that need for flexibility in raising a family – something I have always appreciated.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Stacey & Nate

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Stacey & Nate