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Dear Birth Mom,

Words cannot express how grateful we are that you would consider us to be parents to your child. What we can say is that we are so excited to meet the courageous woman who will be our future child's birth mother.

Adoption is our first choice for our path to having a family because we believe that there is an amazing child already coming into this world who is meant to be loved unconditionally by us.

Your child would be coming into our large, loving family, which includes several people who were also adopted. We hope that as you get to know us, you will feel that your child is meant to be a part of our family and that will bring you some peace as you make this selfless decision.

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Who We Are

We met online, so our first date was brunch since neither of us wanted to commit to a full dinner date. However, we both knew after that first date that we were going to get married.

We have been together for 10 years. Those years have been filled with the most incredible moments, like our trip to Europe, rescuing our dog, time with our family, mountain biking, getting married and buying our house. During those years we have also supported each other through many challenges, like job changes, my grandfather passing away, and family illnesses. Most importantly, we have grown together by supporting each other over the past decade.

Josh proposed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, which is a special place for our family. My family has been going there on vacation for over 15 years. We always look forward to riding ATVs in the sand dunes on the beach so that is where Josh proposed. It was perfect, doing something we truly love with family there to see the proposal. Our wedding took place at the Santa Barbara courthouse with our immediate family and then we had a big brunch party with all our family and friends. We can honestly say that we had so much fun planning our wedding because we made it a family activity. We had so much fun celebrating with all our family and friends!

We didn’t get married until 3 years ago when we decided to buy our house and start a family. Before that, we were together because we truly just wanted to be together. Once we were both established in our careers and happy with where we were in our lives, we started talking about what we wanted our future to look like. We both agreed that we wanted to establish roots near family by buying a house. We were not sure if we were going to have a family, but after I started talking to Josh about my long-time desire to adopt, we both felt excited to start this journey!

Adoption Diary

Adoption, trauma, resilience

Adoption, trauma and resilience all have to go together.  Life can not happen without the experience of trauma.  Trauma is something that shapes us, connects us, and resilience is what allows trauma to transform us into the people we are meant to be.  As we chose the path of adoption, we became aware that there is no way for a birth mom, her child and others not to experience a trauma in the process.  What we know is that the trauma of adoption connects so many, that coping with this trauma can and will transform all connected by it to the people that they were meant to be if they can find their resilient self.  We are not afraid of the trauma, we know we will need to confront it with the little human that we parent, and hopefully work through this with their birth mom, so that we are all the best versions of ourselves because of it.

So Cal

I (Kacy) am 4th generation Californian and I’m very proud of that.  My whole extended family lives within a few miles of each other and we all value that and spend a lot of quality time together.  What we love so much about So Cal is the diversity of experiences to have here.  Some of my favorite things to do are just being outdoors, hiking, going to the beach, and walking around my neighborhood.  I love connecting with people at restaurants, farmers markets and local events.  I feel truly fortunate to be able to call So Cal home and can’t wait to share that with a child.  I also can’t wait to be able to learn about where our birth mother is from and spend time there!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Kacy & Josh

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Kacy & Josh