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Kara & Alex met at a mutual friend's wedding in London. Kara was over for the weekend, visiting from NYC. They were drawn to each other immediately. Once Kara returned to New York, she and Alex began a friendship which turned in to a long distance love. Now happily married and living in New York, Kara & Alex can vouch for the fact that effort of a long distance relationship can turn in to happily ever after!

Our Home

We live in New York City in Queens. Our neighborhood is very family friendly. It's great for children, so many parks, dance schools, kid gyms and musuems. You name it, and it's here.

Our apartment is very comfortable. Kara works as a designer and decorator for tv and film, so our apartment reflects us and our style. A lot of our decor was found when traveling. I think our favorite piece is an oil painting from Hong Kong.

The best part of our place is the roof deck. First and foremost- it's safe for kids! That is definitely a priority. It's nice to have a little oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Our family has a summer house in Connecticut- just an hours drive from our apartment. It's honestly the best place I can imagine for kids during the summer. Our friends who now have their own children have houses there- as Kara's aunts. It really is a great place for families for the summer. There's so much to do! Swimming, tennis, bbq's, the beach! The 4th of July is always filled with fireworks, friends and fun!


adoptive family photo - Kara In addition to my mom and brothers, my aunts and cousins live close to me which I’m grateful for. Being close allows us to enjoy each other’s company and spend quality time together. My entire family is excited to welcome a new member into the family.

My cousin Alison adopted her daughter, now 12, and has been so helpful guiding me through the adoption process. Our holidays are fun, mainly because of my nieces Sophie and Audrey, and my nephew Aidan. They make me smile. This past Thanksgiving we made slime, built couch, forts and jumped on the trampoline. When Audrey was five she asked me, “Kara, are you a kid or an adult.” I answered her, “I’m an adult, why?!” Audrey responded, “Cuz you play like a kid!” To this day, the best compliment I’ve ever received. We look forward to adding another child to the fun!

My friends are beautiful people who live all over the place! My friends are everywhere, literally, from Ireland to England, to South Africa, and Australia. During college and graduate school I lived in NYC, Ireland, and England and I met a lot of people along the way. My friends are amazing individuals; very diverse, some incredibly artistic, some are business driven, some are teachers. No matter where I will go in the world, I have my buddies everywhere.

I love traveling, which you might have guessed from all the places my friends live. If I can travel anywhere, go hiking, have a good meal, and be surrounded with people I love, then all my boxes are checked for an incredible and memorable day. In the winter of 2019 my mom and I took a mother/daughter holiday to Hong Kong, Cambodia, and Thailand. If you’re interested, please ask me about the story of my mom riding an elephant. It’s priceless! In addition to traveling the world, since I was a kid, and still to this day, I’m an avid reader. I love reading books, especially historical fiction and mysteries. I also enjoy drawing and painting and can’t wait to fingerprint with a little one.

My friends, family, and dog are the best representation of who I am. They support me fully in becoming a mother and can’t wait to welcome your child into our family. My family has my back, I have theirs, and I’ll have yours and your child’s too if given the chance.

Thank you again for your strength and courage and for considering me.


adoptive family photo - Alex I am from London, England. I'm a classically trained chef and is passionate about good food! I spends a lot of time volunteering with the homeless, something he cares deeply about. Running busy kitchens and volunteering with vulnerable people have helped me deal with stressful situations calmly and with a smile. I love traveling and trying new things. When I have downtime, he likes to read and see live music.

I truly admire my parents and they way the love and live for their family.

My dad is retired from a successful marketing career. He lives in London and is very excited about the prospect of becoming a Grandfather.

My mother was very sicks for years with advanced stage Parkinsons. She was diagnosed at 60 and sadly passed away before her 65th birthday. I was her main care giver for yers before she needed to go to a full-time care facility. After she was admitted, I’d visit her four or five times a week. We’d go to the theater, to museums and sports games or for some delicious meals. She made me the man I am today and I am so grateful to have learned love and compassion from her.

Prior to her illness, my mom was an executive in a Marketing Company before she retired. Her love of food and cooking lead to me becoming a chef. She loved to travel ands was a smart, confident woman. I miss her every day.

My aunt Carol and my Cousin are super fun and easy going. Both are healthcare professionals; Carol is a nurse and Catherine is a nutrionist. Catherine has two teenage girls who are also loving and sassy. They all look forward to welcoming a new child in to the family.

My sister Rachel and her boyfriend Iain live in London. She enjoys going to the theater, especially musicals. Rachel is going to be an excellent auntie, she will give her future niece or nephew all her love and heaps full of attention.

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Kara & Alex

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