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My friends and family would best describe me as warm, caring, thoughtful, and a true friend. When it comes to family I am very protective of their needs and feelings. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for the people that I love.

My love for my family and friends is unconditional.

I have a rewarding career as an elementary school teacher and absolutely love my job. Being a teacher for 20 years has given me the opportunity to truly connect with children through education. The bonds that are developed are strong.

One of my favorite pastimes is travel. I have traveled the world and love learning about different cultures through food, museums, hiking the Grand Canyon, snowmobiling on a glacier in Iceland, and volunteering in an orphanage in Costa Rica teaching English. I appreciate all of the wonderful things life has to offer.

I live on the beach one mile from my family home. Being able to see my parents almost daily means the world to me. My dog, Daisy, keeps me
busy going on hikes and playing catch.

I hope that someday soon I can share my love and life with a child. I greatly look forward to becoming a mother, and with guidance and support I will watch this child grow into their own person. One with confidence and ready for the world.

My Home

My neighborhood is a good place to raise a family because the ocean in my backyard. I live in a beautiful beach community. Our summers are spent biking, swimming, surfing, and playing. The sound of the ocean is the background music of our lives.

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Amy Heather

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Amy Heather