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Missing Warmth

In NY we are stuck in a weather no man’s land. Its neither freezing cold, nor is it warm. The temperature fluctuates from a 36° high to a 60° high from one day to the next. As I wait for “real” winter (which is beautiful here by the way) I long for warmth. It’s weather like this that make me yearn for our summers at our family’s lake house.  Just browsing my photo gallery and found this great picture of Jelly looking out at the lake this past July. Read more »


Today we are baking to destress! Julie is making use of leftover Thanksgiving cranberries to make cranberry banana bread. Read more »

Giving Thanks

As we sit here nursing our food hangovers, we decided to share a bit about what we’re thankful for this year. It took us quite a while to get to the point where we feel grateful about anything. 2020 has just been a tornado of suckiness all around, for most (if not all ) of the world.  For us personally, this year Read more »

Date Night

Tony and I went on a date last night. These have been few and far between with a global pandemic going on. We promised to ALWAYS make time for each other and to create experiences for each other. Last night we had dinner in our own rooftop cabin! So fun and so intimate. Read more »

Our Doggies

Tony was absolutely not a dog person until he met me. In fact, he was completely content not having pets in our home. Then he met me. I have always had a dog (or two) growing up. When we met I was a single lady with a dog. I was a package deal! I would love to say he fell madly in love with my dog and became an instant “dog Read more »

Our Promise

In our home, your baby will be loved and cared for, and surrounded by our large extended families. As educators, we would make sure to set the baby up for learning early on. We can provide this child with everything they’ll ever need and would love to provide them with all their wants as well. We are financially stable, Read more »

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Julie and Anthony