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Ra + Ayano = RAyano

Looking to extend the adventure of life

Thank you for considering us to love and nurture your child. We are bi-cultural, open-minded people and are blessed to create a tribe of diverse friends and family, including people of different races, beliefs, and backgrounds. Our vision is to build a circle of loved ones centering around the child, where the child feels safe to explore their sense of self and belonging. We are committed to creating an environment that encourages the child to be a well-rounded, full-hearted, wonderful human being. As we are striving for ourselves, we would like to raise the child to be an awesome global citizen who values diversity and harmony on Earth.
We are excited and humbled to be parents of the life you created. This is one of the biggest honors of our life. We look forward to sharing our life and what we have built with the little one!

With the warmest regards,
Ra + Ayano = RAyano

Call or Text us anytime!: 844-372-3770
Email: rayanoadopt@osolage.net

If you prefer to contact through our adoption social worker, here is her contact info:

Alyssa Bickford, MSW

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Who We Are

We are two 'Fire Dragons' (according to Chinese zodiac) from opposite ends of the Earth (Japan and America) who have united to love each other, live adventurously, deepen our understanding of each other, and share the journey of life.

We met in December, 2014. Early on in our partnership, we defined our core values as: Adventure, Deep Connection, and Family. Our motto is, ‘Love is strength!’ We cherish these so much that we had them inscribed on our wedding rings. As we envisioned, we have been sharing many adventures, cultivating our understanding of each other, and nurturing our relationships with friends and family. Recently, we have added ‘Love transcends’ to our motto. Through our experiences, we’ve learned love really does transcend any differences, limitations, and obstacles. It really touches our hearts when we experience or witness it.

In February, 2016, we both said “I do” to the commitment to each other and the companionship in life. We love the life we have been building together in Virginia. Both of us are working remotely at home, and when the wind is good, we go kiteboarding in our neighborhood or drive a few hours south to North Carolina. Other times, we bicycle, hike, stroll on a beach, or just chillax at home. We enjoy listening to good tunes, watching movies and Formula 1 races, and having interesting conversations.

Adoption Diary

Japanese style breakfast

Recently, after watching several Youtube videos, I realized Japanese style meals are the best way to have a well-balanced meal.  So I started to make “Japanese style breakfast” with 一汁三菜(Ichizyu-san-sai), which includes one grain, one soup, one main (protein), with two sides. Since you can get all different nutrients, my body feels happier and energized. We are really enjoying these meals, so I am definitely making this as our traditional breakfast routine!

Autumn hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains

We finally put the basic information and pictures on the adoptimist.com to start reaching out to birth parents, and we felt pretty good and excited about it! As for our reward to complete one step forward, we took a little break and went to the Blue Ridge Mountains. We love Autumn in Virginia and the mountains were so colorful with different variations of autumn leaves! We hiked on the Appalachian trail and really enjoyed being in nature. Now, we are refreshed and recharged to continue preparing for welcoming a new family member!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ra + Ayano = RAyano

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Ra + Ayano = RAyano