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Ra + Ayano = RAyano

We are grateful and excited that you found us!

Dear expectant parent:

We are a bi-racial, multi-cultural, open-minded couple
hoping to adopt an infant of minority/mixed ethnicity.

Our values:
💖 Family
💖 Deep Connection
💖 Adventure

Our mottos:
💖 Love Is Strength
💖 Love Transcends
💖 Always Forward. Forward Always.
💖 Challenge Yourself Or The Universe Will

Our values and mottos guide us.
Our faith in each other keeps us going.
The love we and our families/friends have to give is boundless!
Our home is open and ready to welcome a new family member.

We’d be grateful and honored to nurture the life you created. It would be one of the biggest honors of our life. We look forward to sharing our life and what we have built with the little one!

With warmest regards,
Ra + Ayano = RAyano

Call or Text us anytime!: 844-372-3770
Email: rayanoadopt@osolage.net


If you prefer to contact our adoption social worker, here is her contact info:

Alyssa Bickford, MSW

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Who We Are

Hi, this is Ra and Ayano. We are water-loving "Fire Dragons" living in Coastal VA. Ayano is Japanese. Ra is African-American. We have a lot of love to give and are hoping to adopt The One.

We met in December, 2014. Early on in our partnership, we defined our core values as: Adventure, Deep Connection, and Family. Our motto is, ‘Love is strength!’ We cherish these so much that we had them inscribed on our wedding rings. As we envisioned, we have been sharing many adventures, cultivating our understanding of each other, and nurturing our relationships with friends and family. Recently, we have added ‘Love transcends’ to our motto. Through our experiences, we’ve learned love really does transcend any differences, limitations, and obstacles. It really touches our hearts when we experience or witness it.

In February, 2016, we both said “I do” to the commitment to each other and the companionship in life. We love the life we have been building together in Virginia. Both of us are working remotely at home, and when the wind is good, we go kiteboarding in our neighborhood or drive a few hours south to North Carolina. Other times, we bicycle, hike, stroll on a beach, or just chillax at home. We enjoy listening to good tunes, watching movies and Formula 1 races, and having interesting conversations.

Adoption Diary


Star Wars is THE most epic fantasy I hold dear. I saw the second movie (episode 5) with my dad in the movie theater. The scene where Yoda used The Force to pull Luke’s X-wing out of the swamp was mega. It’s still probably the most powerful and influential cinema scene I saw as a child. It wasn’t just the scene. It was the concept. The teaching. The lesson. The expansion of faith in both something far greater than myself and within myself.

You can have zero doubt whether your baby will see Star Wars if you place them in our care. Whether they’re really interested or not, oh best believe they at least gon’ watch the movies. But if they ARE interested, there’s all kinds of cartoons, books, comics, and toys that we’ll share in watching, reading, and playing with. LOL

I wonder if there are Star Wars branded Montessori toys/things we can start out with baby?... :-)

I know it’s really hard to predict whether a new soul coming to this world will be a Star Wars fan. It’s okay if they aren’t. We’ll love and support them for who they are.

Meet Slomas!

We named him “Slomas (Sloth + Christmas) and he is more like a Christmas thing (he has a Christmas hat) but even after Christmas, I just kept him on the couch in the office. His chillness is so awesome and adds a relaxing atmosphere to the office. He sometimes looks like just chilling on the couch or meditating on some stuff. I love cute and adorable things and really look forward to having more “friends” hanging around the house with a baby and being a part of their fun world.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ra + Ayano = RAyano

844-372-3770 (toll-free)

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Ra + Ayano = RAyano