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Ra + Ayano = RAyano

We are grateful and excited that you found us!

Hi there! This is Ra and Ayano. We call ourselves RAyano = )

It’s been such a journey for you and us to arrive at this moment, but you are here now! We imagine that something tugged you here and you sensed a connection with us. Your instinct is correct! Whatever it was that caught your attention, first please just connect with us - life has taught us that the best way to get to know someone is through direct interaction. So, while we encourage you to explore our profile and read our diary section, once you get a sense that we will be good adoptive parents for your baby, please just reach out. So you get a real sense of how we are (call, text, message, email - all are good).

Here, we want to share what we’ve been imagining life with the little one will be like :
share the joy in everyday life - listening to the sound of birds chirping, observing and learning about butterflies, birds, other little creatures and plants we see around the house.

embarking on adventures together - finding a geocache “treasure” in a forest, riding waves in water, collecting shells, feathers and stones to make a prayer box.

exploring the world - visiting new and familiar places inside and outside of the country, learning about different cultures including the baby’s own, and making new family friends all over the world.

surrounded by open-hearted people from different walks of life - they are adoring the baby and we are all excited about the things we will do together - riding ATV with Ra’s dad, strolling in the woods with Ra’s mom, family BBQs, camping with family friends, beach vacations, and visiting Ayano’s family in Japan - so much fun awaits for the little one!

There is so much we want to share with the little one and imagining life with the little one really makes us feel full of light and love. You might be the one to give the best gift in the world - making our long wished dream come true, and we are forever grateful! We will be connected through the beautiful, amazing life you created. We are excited to start this very special connection with you!

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Who We Are

Hi, this is Ra and Ayano. We are water-loving "Fire Dragons" living in Coastal VA. Ayano is Japanese. Ra is African-American. We have a lot of love to give and are hoping to adopt The One.

We met in December, 2014. Early on in our partnership, we defined our core values as: Adventure, Deep Connection, and Family. Our motto is, ‘Love is strength!’ We cherish these so much that we had them inscribed on our wedding rings. As we envisioned, we have been sharing many adventures, cultivating our understanding of each other, and nurturing our relationships with friends and family. Recently, we have added ‘Love transcends’ to our motto. Through our experiences, we’ve learned love really does transcend any differences, limitations, and obstacles. It really touches our hearts when we experience or witness it.

In February, 2016, we both said “I do” to the commitment to each other and the companionship in life. We love the life we have been building together in Virginia. Both of us are working remotely at home, and when the wind is good, we go kiteboarding in our neighborhood or drive a few hours south to North Carolina. Other times, we bicycle, hike, stroll on a beach, or just chillax at home. We enjoy listening to good tunes, watching movies and Formula 1 races, and having interesting conversations.

Adoption Diary

Dove 1 & Dove 2

At the end of June, this mourning dove couple started building their nest in the hanging pot at the front porch, and we’ve been watching their two eggs hatch and grow ever since. We named the babies Dove 1 & Dove 2 (like Dr.Seuss’ Thing 1 and Thing 2) and have been really enjoying observing them - seeing them flap their wings for the first time was like seeing a baby’s first step! They eventually flapped down from the pot to our porch chair and hung out there for a few days. When they finally flew out of our porch, we were so proud and kind of sad at the same time, thinking: “Is this how parents feel when the kid leaves the house for college?” We sure will miss them, we thought. Then the next day, we noticed they were back; now in the front garden! Dove 1 & Dove 2 are still hanging around ‘til today - they don’t seem to go too far. Since we’ve been watching them from babies, we did notice that they are a bit timid for birds, which is funny and adorable, and we thought: “Is this how it feels like when the kid left the house but ended up living nearby and feel happy yet a little concerned that they don’t go out that much?” LOL

David & Josiah’s visit - they’re our inspiration for adoption

Ra’s cousin David and his son Josiah spent the weekend with us and we had such a great time! They are the ones who inspired us to go on the adoption journey 4 years ago. When we met Josiah, he was a tiny little baby and seeing how they were as a family really encouraged us to look into the adoption process.

It was wonderful to spend a whole weekend with them, sharing meals, going to the beach, and watching a movie together. Josiah loved the water and we discovered he has passion and talent for surfing! It was the first time for him to try surfing, but he jumped right on it, and towards the end of the session, he was already in the process of standing up on the board!
Having them over for a couple of nights really let us experience what it would be like to have an energetic 4-year-old in the house and gave us ideas for what to improve in the house, what routine could look like, and above all, how fun and joyful it would be to have a little one among us!!

David recently has established a non-profit organization regarding adoption and we are so excited for him and his organization. Like we were inspired by them to go on the adoption journey, we are sure that its activities will inspire people and raise awareness for adoption!
Journey to Josiah:https://www.facebook.com/Journey-to-Josiah-103927624907131

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ra + Ayano = RAyano

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Ra + Ayano = RAyano