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I have two big hobbies, writing and photography.  I have a blog that I keep up and I have my a small photography business that I am getting started. Both started out as just things I liked to do and for the most they still are.  I take a notebook and a camera with me everywhere because I am never sure when the mood to write will hit or when I will find a shot that I just have to take. Walking along the Tennessee River in Decatur, AL is one of my favorite things to do.  It is so calming just to sit and watch the bridges go up and down while the boats pass under or watch families as they picnic while their kids are on the playground. The attached photo is a shot that I took at sunset.

About This Diary

Here I will write my thoughts about the process of trying to match and how I have felt during the process.

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Shileshia & Erik

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Shileshia & Erik