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Kory and I won’t be the only raise surrounding our children with love and support. We want to tell you a bit about our family and the close friends we have who will be in our children’s lives.
Esther’s Family:
Esther’s Mom and Dad had 10 children! Travis is the oldest and he is married to Courtney- they live close to us and Travis and Kory golf, play basketball, work for the same company, and collect basketball trading cards together. Travis and Kory are just like brothers and spend a lot of time together. Rachael is the next in line and she is married to Randy and they have a two and a half year old daughter, Emerson. They live in South Carolina so as a family we always try to do a vacation visit on Emerson’s birthday and around Thanksgiving. Then my sister, Gabrielle, she is in nursing school and is thinking of working in with labor and delivery. She gets it from my mom who is an RN! Then, me! After me, is my brother Jonathan. He works for the same company as Kory and Travis and he lives about 30 minutes away. He is the jokester of our family. He is an amazing cook, so creative! Then there is Mary. Mary is an equine study major who is headed to Texas to work for a rehabilitation barn! We are so excited for her as she continues to push herself and explore her dreams! We hope to fly to Texas to visit her while she is there. Micah is next in line. Micah did not go to college, he started working for a construction company right after graduation and he is the one that will most likely take over my dad’s excavation business. Lily is a senior in high school, she works with me at the store as well. She is going to attend college for business. She is hoping to live in our garage apartment after graduation and help us babysit, clean, and cook! Levi is your typical boy. He loves video games, anything sports, and enjoys just being with his friends. He’s pretty quiet in our family. Lastly, is Susannah. Susannah is the mini Esther. She is spoiled by my parents, she likes riding her horse, being with me at my house, and she can’t wait for us to have a baby that she can help take care of!
Kory’s Family:
Korys parents only had two children.
Beth is the oldest and she is married to Josh. They have two children. Julian is five and a half and Lexi is going to be three soon. Kory loves that he gets to have “brothers” now because of the large family Esther has.
We love visiting and seeing both our families. We love that our children will have a lot of cousins to grow up with and play with.

We have our best friends in Boston who we get to visit and see often! They have been so supportive of our adoption journey and will be the best god parents! We have friends in Syracuse that also have been excited for us! We love having friends in to our home!

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We want to share some stories or activities we have been involved in so an expecting mom can know us better!

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