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Our Story

We first met 17 years ago when we were college students, working together at the front desk of the student dorms. We became instant friends and Paulo had a crush on Diana for quite a while! About 2 years later, Diana couldn’t deny that the feelings were mutual. That’s when we finally made our relationship official and we’ve been together ever since (15 years and counting)!

We’ve grown together into the couple we are today: we took college classes together, worked together, travelled to Guatemala, Mexico, and several places around the United States together, and supported each other’s educational and career pursuits (we both are teachers). In 2012 we got married and in 2014 our son Nico was born! He has made our lives so full of love and joy!

Nico is a happy, silly, and caring 6 year old who loves to play basketball, ride his bike, swim, go to art class, and play with his friends. He is going into 1st grade and loves being part of the Spanish language program at his school. Nico is ALWAYS asking for a baby brother or sister and we know he’ll be the best big brother!

We’ve always had a special place in our hearts for adoption (especially because three of Diana’s cousins are adopted). We’ve also faced unexpected fertility problems over the past two years. We now have no doubt that adoption is meant for us and is how we will complete our family.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We love the diverse, safe, suburb where we live in Southern California. Our home is located close to award-winning schools in a tree-lined neighborhood with a lot of other young, diverse families. We are minutes from a large community park and playground, kid-friendly hiking trails, as well as many other family-friendly and cultural attractions and activities (e.g. museums, the zoo, public gardens).

We bought our house in 2016 because it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, an open living space, and a backyard, giving us plenty of room to grow our family and space for kids to play indoors and outside! Nico has his own room, and so will his future sibling. Our home is a great space to relax, have movie nights, and share dinner every night around the kitchen table. Because we live in Southern California, we get to BBQ and play in our backyard year-round.

We are lucky to live so close to our families! Paulo’s parents, younger brother, and sister-in-law live about 40 minutes from our home, and we see them at least twice a month. Diana’s parents live just 15 minutes from our home so we get to see them at least once or twice a week. Although Diana’s older brother, sister-in-law, and nephews live in Colorado, we take turns visiting each other at least three times per year in addition to Facetiming often. We are very close to our families and Nico has a very special bond with them; we know his future brother or sister will too!


adoptive family photo - Diana Meet Diana, written by Paulo

Diana’s infectious smile and sparkling eyes brighten up a room wherever she goes. She is an incredible partner who has supported me with unconditional love. She always asks how she can be there for me and how we can work together, such as when I told her that I wanted to change careers. She was by my side every step of the way, always reminding me how much she loves me.

I admire Diana’s ability to surround herself with positive and caring people. Diana always makes friends who become extended family wherever she goes (her childhood friends, college friends, work friends, and mom friends). She is also sought after by her friends for advice and support.

Diana has dedicated herself to helping children with special needs, which requires tremendous patience and compassion. While she had a successful career as a special education teacher, she now works part-time from home creating special education curriculum so she can be a stay-at-home mom. She absolutely LOVES being a stay-at-home mom, which she will continue to be when we welcome another baby into our family. Laughter constantly erupts from a room whenever Nico and Diana are together. Whether they are dancing, singing, playing, or learning, it is clear from Diana’s sparkling eyes and big smile that being a mother brings her the greatest joy in life!


adoptive family photo - Paulo Meet Paulo, written by Diana

Paulo’s ambition and intelligence are just a few of the qualities that I fell in love with. Paulo immigrated to California from Guatemala when he was just 3 years old. Although all the odds were stacked against him, he has always had such determination to succeed academically. He went on to work his way through college and graduate school, eventually earning two Master’s degrees! As a college counselor at a high school, Paulo is very devoted to his students. He always puts in the extra time to ensure they are receiving the best education possible and to support them with getting into college.

I also fell in love with Paulo’s playful and silly personality, which makes him a natural with kids! All of our friends even call him the “kid whisperer” because kids just love playing with him. This is most evident in his most important role as dad to our son Nico. He loves spending time with him, whether it be creating a lego city together after dinner, going to the zoo, teaching him how to work with his hands in our backyard, or playing soccer and basketball together. He adores seeing Nico happy, healthy, and thriving and just loves him so much! I know he will have the same love for your child and can’t wait to see Nico with his younger brother or sister!

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