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Morning Stroll

We rose early to beat the heat and took a stroll around the neighborhood. I’m feeling some serious cabin fever this Saturday morning, and am dreaming of getting out of town like we’d planned to before the pandemic hit. I can sense a bit of a pity-party coming on, so here’s when I challenge myself to switch gears, into a mindset of gratitude.

20 things I’m grateful for:
The hot coffee in my cup
A refrigerator full of food
Popsicles in the freezer
Indoor plumbing
Air conditioning
Being able-bodied
A peaceful homelife
A sense of humor
Danie’s sweet heart
Mabel’s funny personality
Streaming endless movies & tv
Our health and the health of our loved ones
Los Angeles, California: loving where we live
Good friends
The fact that the virus will end at some point
The joy our nieces and nephews bring us
A good night’s sleep

It’s crazy how that works. I feel 10 x’s better now. Without fail, it works every time. What are you grateful for? Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday and staying cool today!

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