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Family Vacation

Lili’s birthday is in July so we go to the beach in GA or AL and we also always go to the lake a few times every year.
I just booked our lake trip for mid July. We take our kayaks, camp in tents and lay out in the dark under the stars, listening to the frogs. We grill and cook marshmallows by the fire. When we kayak the lake, we see so much wildlife and jump out to swim. The camp ground is really private and quiet. Most people are older and in RVs, so it is like we have the woods to ourselves. The favorite spot we like to camp on is right next to a lagoon/inlet with no one next to us on that side, so we also fish and catch minnows.
We just like to be outside. I am so excited. I’d rather camp than stay in a 5 star hotel.

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Mike and Christy

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Mike and Christy