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Stevi’s 30th Birthday Surprise

I turned 30 last week. Wow! Where does the time go?! I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it but I can truly say it ended up being the BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER.

On Thursday evening, Kendrick called a family meeting with the kids and me. He mentioned my birthday being the next day, and how 30 was a pretty “big” birthday, so to celebrate he was sending me to Idaho to meet up with one of my best friends, Stacie, to have a weekend away in the mountains. Wow! I cried. Such a thoughtful gift and just what I needed after all of this COVID 19 craziness.

I hopped on a plane the next morning, got picked up from the airport, and we headed towards the Sawtooth Mountains. On our way we stopped and hiked to some hot springs – it was super fun! We stayed at a motel with a gorgeous view of the mountains and woke up before 6am to watch the sunrise. We started our hike bright and early to Hell Roaring Lake. It was about 10 ½ miles roundtrip. Yes, I am still sore but it was totally worth it! ;-) We ate lunch, painted, and just took it all in. There is nothing quite like exploring God’s beautiful creation. I hope to come back with Kendrick and our kids someday to make a camping trip out of it!

After the hike we had a beautiful, scenic drive back to Boise. We got to play some games in the evening and I left early the next morning. It was the most wonderful and recharging trip. I am excited for this next year and can hardly wait to grow our family.

While I was away, Kendrick and the kids got to enjoy a bonfire with some friends, go for a bike ride, play in the backyard, and stay up late eating popcorn and watching movies. They even slept in the living room both nights. He is such an incredible dad and doesn’t miss a beat when I am out of town. I am so thankful for him and the way he leads and loves our family.


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