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Kendrick & Stevi

It’s our desire to make memories as a family, traveling the world, and experiencing creation.

Hey there,

We are Kendrick and Stevi. Together with our daughter and son, we are a loving family of four with a desire to grow through infant adoption. Family is our primary value and parenthood our greatest joy. We have always felt drawn to adoption and would count ourselves blessed to receive such a gift. We live simple but intentional lives and value people over things. It’s our desire to make memories as a family, traveling the world, and experiencing creation.

If you give us this gift of raising your child as our own, you can rest assured that our prayers, encouragement, support, and love will be constant through it all. We have been praying for you and our new baby for years as we have awaited God’s timing with it all. We would feel blessed to receive a child of any gender or ethnic background and are open to discussing contact plans for after placement.

We know you are making a huge decision and want you to know that you are brave and so appreciated. Thank you for choosing life for your child and taking the time to read about our family as you consider us as recipients of the greatest gift you could ever give.

Kendrick and Stevianne

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Who We Are

Kendrick and I were both raised in Christian homes with strong family values. We met in middle school at our church youth group in Alaska. Throughout high school, our friendship grew as we shared mutual friends that adventured with and encouraged each other. We started our great adventure of marriage in June of 2009 at 18 and 19 years old surrounded by our loving family and friends. Our marriage is strong and it continues to strengthen as we pray together, pursue Christ, persevere through life, and lock arms through the challenges and rewards of raising a family. We are fully committed to each other and promise to continually work on loving one another more each day.

We value and crave family time. On evenings during the week you can usually find us out front while the kids ride their bikes on our quiet street, biking to a park, or in the backyard playing on various toys. Hide and seek, Wii Dance parties, and Mario kart racing are also favorites! We love traveling and make it a priority. We make a few trips to Alaska each year to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, but also try to explore new places. Stevi has family in the Phoenix area and we make it a point to escape the gloomy Pacific NW weather to play in their pool and explore the desert. We anticipate more travel in our future as the kids grow. Hawaii and Ireland and the UK are at the top of our list. We attend the Scottish Highland Games each year and the kids love hearing the bagpipes and watching the sporting events. We’d love for them to experience new cultures first-hand. Our family loves to camp during the warmer months and we enjoy disconnecting from daily distractions and focusing on making memories. Thunderstorms are a favorite at our home, and we’ll often cuddle up under our gazebo beside a lit fire to watch the storm pass over. We discovered canoeing and kayaking this past summer during a family reunion in Minnesota and plan to do more in the future. Christmas is our favorite holiday and we love taking the kids sledding, making cookies, and “camping” out in the living room near the tree while falling asleep to a classic Christmas film.

Adoption Diary

The Great Outdoors

Kendrick and I grew up hiking in the Chugach Mountain range surrounding Anchorage, AK. We love experiencing God’s creation, seeing the beautiful views, and creating memories together. It’s been such a joy to see our kids enjoy the outdoors like we do. L and G were begging to hike on Thursday so after dinner we went to a fun trail near us with cute gnomes hidden all over - there are hundreds! G is excited to go camping this summer and keeps talking about how much fun it will be to camp with his new baby brother or sister someday. We are looking forward to making more memories outdoors as our family grows.

Our Oldest Turned 5 Today! Say Whaaaat?!?

Today was such a special day because L turned 5!

Kendrick took the day off work and we spent it doing things L wanted - like going for a long bike ride with a picnic lunch (ended up being 10 1/2 miles. Oooof!), playing with her new walkie talkies and hammock, eating her favorite meal of rice with grilled chicken and veggies, and having pavlova for dessert. Girl has good taste! While putting the kids to bed tonight L gave us both big hugs and kisses and said, “Thank you mommy and daddy for such a fun birthday”. She is the sweetest, most thoughtful, and caring 5 year old I know - she even let her brother open one of her presents. She has been praying for another sibling for over 2 years now and can hardly wait for some baby cuddles.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our family. We have more pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages @titusfamilyadoption.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Kendrick & Stevi

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Kendrick & Stevi