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Nursery Update!

To go with our Woodland Friends theme, we decided to get some artwork for the walls. These cute prints will go above the crib and around the nursery, for baby to look at and enjoy everyday. Read more »

Planning Ahead

We are preparing diligently. Some may think “why are you buying baby stuff before you have a baby? It could be months before someone chooses you to adopt.” Our answer to that is, we just never know when we’ll receive that call but we do know that it happens fast. When it happens, not only can we find Read more »

Nursery - Beginnings

We’ve started getting the nursery together so that when we are chosen to be someones adoptive parents for their little one, we are prepared. Today, we received the crib with an attached changing table. We were so excited, we immediately put it together. The theme we’re thinking about is Woodland Friends with Read more »

The Journey Continues

It has been a while since we posted an update to this “diary”, so here we go. Recently, Tim and I have started talking about the next phase of preparing for a child in our home. We really wanted to wait for a match before we started to set up the nursery. Now that we have talked with several potential matches, Read more »

New Adventures

As we are waiting to be matched, working, and schooling, we found time to get away and experience new adventures with our friends. This weekend we left the city and came p to the mountains with a few friends. We rented a house around the corner from a ski lodge. Tim went snowboarding while Zach stayed at the house with Andy Read more »

The Ups and Downs

Since we activated our profile in late 2019, its been very exciting. We’ve had two expectant mothers reach out. They were both expecting soon. One was due two weeks from when we spoke and the other two months. Unfortunately, neither of then panned out for individual reasons - lack of communication and unrealistic Read more »

Discovering Our Differences

The other day Tim and I were getting ready to go out, we realized that we tie our shoes differently. He does two loops then ties and I do one loop around and then create the second loop. I found it entertaining that we have known each other for eight years and we are just realizing that some of the small things that we do we Read more »

Merry Christmas

After spending the weekend in Michigan celebrating Christmas with Zach’s family, we spent Christmas day at our own home. After phone calls and texts wishing everyone a merry Christmas, we sat down to breakfast and presents. Zach made pancakes (with a strawberry topping), bacon, and eggs. We exchanged gifts and lounged Read more »

Our journey to Adoption

Our journey to adoption has not been a short one and has always been the top decision in our mind. But we made sure to explore all avenues before we decided which direction we wanted to go. First, we looked into adoption and at the time we were just researching. We realized that it was very expensive and so naturally, we Read more »

Family Time is Important to Us

Tim and I are lucky to work where family time is valued. We are both able to either work from home for the holidays and have time off to spend with family. My last day in the office was Wednesday and Tim has been able to work from home. This has allowed us to travel to my parents and spend the pre-holiday with our family. We Read more »

The excitement grows as our profile goes live!

After a long journey to complete the home study and set up our profile, we are live! We are very excited and have tons of support. Our closest friends have seen this site and given their stamp of approval. We are taking this process day by day and step by step, and at each step we cannot contain our excitement! Next steps are Read more »

Being the gay uncle to your best friend’s kids

One of the amazing thing about being gay and having friends with kids is that you’re always the gay Uncle. Our friend Melia has two wonderful munchkins that we absolutely adore. We love spending time with them on their birthdays, going to the beach and playing in the sand, and venturing out to local events such as Read more »

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