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Holiday Cooking

I never had any interest in cooking while growing up even though my parents were always in the kitchen. It wasn’t until I was single and living in New York that I started watching some cooking shows and dabbling. My new passion was quickly ignited! I soon began to build my arsenal of pots, pans, knives, and various gadgets while also buying a lifetime membership to an online culinary institute where I’ve learned proper knife technique, sauce making, braising, sauteing, pan frying, bread making, and plating! By the time I met Clifton, my skills had vastly improved (the first dish I ever made for him was Coq au Vin), and I was so excited to have someone to cook for every night.
Because of my love of cooking, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday since it’s all about family and friends celebrating together around the dining room table. Few things give me more pleasure than cooking for the ones I love.
The menu every year in our household is completely different. I’m never shy about trying new recipes at Thanksgiving, and I’ve been known to completely redo the entire menu a few days before after watching a particularly inspiring cooking show. The one constant is that I always make a turkey, but it could be baked, grilled, or even deep fried! Everything else is always made from scratch, including the pie crusts and fillings, french breads, creamed corns, and gravies. And me being me, I always build a spreadsheet to plot out prep time, oven times and temperatures, and cooking times so I can deliver a smorgasbord of good food on time to my loved ones.
I can’t wait to share my passion for cooking with our son or daughter. I believe that being able to feed yourself and others with a few raw ingredients and no recipe is an important life skill that others will always appreciate.

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Clifton and Chad

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Clifton and Chad