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Our story began 12 years ago when we met in Lake Tahoe. However, we both attended Chico State University, but somehow our paths never crossed. This is said with certainty due to the fact that Jack is 6’8” and hard to miss. It wasn’t until one day snowboarding that Jen’s brother-in-law introduced Jack to Jen while waiting in line for the Gondola at Heavenly Ski Resort. From then on, we realized, we were perfect for each other and our connection grew stronger every day.
In 2012, we had a small marriage ceremony at SF City Hall with our closest friends and family. Shortly following our city hall ceremony we invited all our friends and family to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico because we both loved the idea of a destination wedding. Given our passion for traveling we figured having a vacation with all our friends and family would be a dream come true…and it was!
Fast forward and here we are… Happily married and realizing that life truly does get better as you grow with someone. We are completely committed to each other. Two years ago we adopted our son. Our home is filled with so much LOVE and we are excited to share this with our children. We’ve made wonderful memories together, but we know the best are yet to come!

Our Home

We are a house full of laughter, love and lots and lots of hugs. We believe every day should start and end with a hug and kiss and that has been our daily ritual. Jack goes to work very early but never leaves without a hug and kiss goodbye and greets Jen with a big bear hug and forehead kisses when he returns.
We recently bought a 3 bedroom 2 bath home in Walnut Creek, CA near San Francisco. We wanted more space so we can grow our family and welcome another child. We have a large backyard with views of Mt. Diablo. We live behind a one of the best elementary schools in Contra Costa County. Just outside our door is a neighhood park and swimming pool. Our community gathers monthly for BBQs and Movies in the park for the kids. On the weekends we love going for walks along the beach and picnicking at the park. Our home is central to everything in Walnut Creek and a highly desirable place to raise children in the Bay Area. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to live in such a beautiful location next to many attractions and excited to share this with our children.

When we are not taking advantage of our vacation home in Lake Tahoe on the weekends, we live a simple life on our weekends. We spend our Saturday and Sunday mornings, sipping coffee admiring the views, going for walks, parks. Jack is known as the breakfast master and LOVES creating one-of-a-kind pancakes while Jen is very good at taste testing everything. On Sundays we enjoy our morning strolls to the farmer’s market to pick up fresh fruit and veggies for the week. Weeknights are our time together to snuggle in and enjoy each other’s company. We sit around our table chit-chatting on our daily activities while preparing dinner. We also love to have our family and friends over for dinners and are fortunate to have them live within walking distance to our home. We spend a lot of time in the company of our family and friends whom are excited about our growing family

About Jack McCurry

Written by Jen:
Being married to Jack has been one of the biggest and most important part of my life. I love seeing him smile and laugh and singing along to songs stumbling on words and making up his own. Jack is an amazing person, husband, father, friend, brother, uncle, son and god-father. Jack is my gentle Giant with a heart bigger than himself. What I admire most about Jack is that he is genuine and good hearted and always has the best of intentions. He has the most inviting personality that establishes trust immediately just by his kind eyes, loving heart and warm hugs.
I didn't think I could love him anymore but watching him as a father has made my heart swollen. He is an amazing father to our son and I know he is eager to be a daddy to another child. Our children will be fortunate to have a father that constantly shows affection and lets them know how important they are. He is very hands-on, interactive daddy. Jack is a big kid at heart and loves getting down on the ground and playing with kids…they think he’s the funniest/silliest person EVER.
Jack works as a Construction Manager building high rise buildings in San Francisco. He has a true passion to build things. Whether it’s a fort, Legos or a Barbie house, Jack will be excited TO build things with our children.

About Jen McCurry

Written by Jack:
Jen is really fun to be around. I’m not just saying that as her happy husband but her friends and family would agree. As the oldest of 4 siblings she has grown up being the organizer and coordinator. She is a connector of people across an array of social, cultural, professional and economic circles. In her career she has provided hundreds of people with jobs as a recruiter in San Francisco. On a ski trip to Whistler with a dozen + friends Jen made itineraries and gave each person a folder with info on where we could all meet up throughout the trip. It was awesome to see everyone stroll into the same ski après locations.
I also love how Jen can adapt to any situation. We have gone to some unique locations together including Bali where the food, roads, bathrooms, smells, sights and sounds are all very different. This may turn people off or become frustrating but she would explore these places with a smile on her face.
Jen especially lights up around babies & children. We have been lucky with our son and all the the children our family and friends have brought into this world. Jen has a sixth sense for understanding the needs of a child - naps, food, snuggles or playtime. It's been amazing to see Jen as a mother the last 2 years and I can't wait to grow our family and add another lucky baby to our family. Jen has endless kisses and warm hugs that make anyone want to smile.

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