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Happy Monday

Hi. Just checking in. We had a good weekend.  Friday we met up with friends and went to an Escape Room. It was kind of wizard themed. We didn’t make it out on time but we were close. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards we all went to dinner. Saturday Shawn and I went down to a local Irish festival. It was mostly Read more »

Waiting for “our” little…

Looking at a few vacation pictures today reminded me of talks we had while on vacation.  We talked several times about how great it would be to bring our little on trips with us and how we would have to start looking at more family friendly locations and activities or even like a Disney cruise. We talked about taking him Read more »

September already

Hi. It’s hard to believe it’s September already. This year has breezed by. We have officially been active for 8 months now. Still waiting and hoping for our match. We just returned from vacation. We took a trip to Jamaica. It was an early anniversary and birthday present for Shawn. It was wonderful. It was very Read more »


We added a new joy to our home named Cinder. I call her Cinder-belle or Cinderella most often. She is about 4 1/2 months old now. She is like the Energizer bunny. We say she only has an on and off switch. If she is awake, she is running around somewhere or looking out the windows trying to talk to the birds/bugs. We’re Read more »

A friends kind of Sunday

Yesterday was a fun day.  We had a couple long-time friends over with their 2 children for a small cookout.  We bought a couple small blow-up pools for the yard for the kids to play in since it has been so hot outside lately.  We haven’t seen these friends for a while so it was nice to reconnect.  We Read more »

Hoping for a great July

Hi there. So a little back story, July is not our favorite month. We have experienced several losses that occurred in July over the years. In July 2004 we had a miscarriage and lost identical quadruplets (baby boys). In July 2011 we lost one of our fur babies. He was 7. In July 2015, I lost my mom after an extended Read more »

A nice Sunday

Today started with a surprise.  Our landscapers showed up this morning to start putting in our new shrubs and trees. It’s not thoroughly done but was nice to see more progress. Later on we attended the 1st birthday party of my cousin’s little girl. It was Minnie Mouse themed. It was a cute party. I was happy Read more »

Happy Father’s day +1

Yesterday was a good day. We spent father’s day with the family. Shawn’s sister and brother-in-law had a cookout at their home with his parents. It was a bit rainy here so we were mainly inside. The food was great. We had kebobs. It was nice to talk to the family for a bit. I hope by this time next year we can Read more »

Hello June

Hi there. May just seemed to breeze by in an instant. With a few birthdays (mine included), mother’s day, a work trip and keeping the house up it was a whirl. I had a lovely time in Florida for work though. I learned a lot and had a little bit of fun too. Shawn stayed behind to work himself and manage our home and our Read more »

Meeting the neighbors

Yesterday our new little community had it’s first ever group yard sale. We did not participate as we did not have time to organize. However we took the opportunity to walk around and introduce ourselves to our neighbors and get some exercise. It confirmed for us that we moved into a great community. Everyone was so Read more »


It was bring your child to work day yesterday. I was a volunteer to help with the day’s activities. We had about 30 kids ranging in age from 4-13. I can honestly say I had a great time.  We had some of the sweetest kids ever. They were all so very different and interesting in their own way. We had one that put tape and Read more »

Family Time

Yesterday was such a lovely day.  It was mid-to-high 70s here.  Shawn was at home but unfortunately I was at work.  Half way through the day I decided it would be great to get out and enjoy this great day with Shawn.  My afternoon schedule was surprisingly open so I took an afternoon vacation.  Shawn Read more »

Happy Easter

Today we celebrated our first Easter in our new home with family. It was a great time with awesome food. We shared many laughs and funny stories. It was a wonderful day. We talked a bit about the wait for a matching expectant mom and how wonderful it would be to have a baby by this time next year (or hopefully sooner) to Read more »

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