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Long Beach 2019

We are home from our wonderful family vacation!  It was so much fun to get away for a week and relax! Alex had lots of fun times with his cousins and grandparents.  They all went mini-golfing! There was a lot of playing in the sand and splashing each other in the water. Alex has some friends on vacation and they played very well together: wiffle-ball, bean-bag toss, hide and seek, even burying each other in the sand! We had great weather. There were some wavy days and some calm days so it was a nice mix.  A Read more »


We are on our annual family vacation this week. We will get back to you when we return on August 17th. Looking forward to fun in the sun and sand! Read more »

My 1st Mother’s Day

Mother’s day allows for some reflection on this special gift of adoption. While I have no idea how difficult the decision is to place a child, I am forever thankful to a special lady named Tahra for her amazing gift of our Alex. He has been such an unbelievable treasure, bringing immense joy to our lives. It has been so Read more »

1st baseball practice

Alex was very excited that last night was his first official baseball practice of the season.  They got to throw the ball around and practice fielding.  Think this coach is going to be very good this year! Read more »


My little shopping buddy picked out a birthday present for a friend’s party and likes donating change to help kids! Read more »

First Spring day

Alex could not wait for the nice weather to start.  We wanted to climb one of the trees in the front yard.  This year he made it by himself much higher than last year! Read more »

Tubby Fun!

Alex enjoys bubbles when using mommy’s tubby.  Turning on the jets makes lots and lots of bubbles.  Last night he made himself a beard! Read more »

Tough getting family pictures done!

We had family pictures taken by a friend at home.  Alex was very silly and enjoyed himself quite a bit.  After she left he quickly put his pj’s on and laid down in front of the fire to relax! Read more »


This was my silly date for lunch! He likes yo be crazy with his friends. Read more »


Alex made his own book sharing library. He said a book can be kept up to 2 weeks! Read more »

Long Beach

One family tradition that stands out above all others is the 50+ year tradition of going to Long Beach in Canada for a week during the summer.  All together, there are over 75 friends and family at the beach. The whole time is spent having fun and relaxing in the sun, with campfires on the beach every night. Memories Read more »

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Sarah, Joe and Alex - We look forward to getting to know you!

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Sarah, Joe and Alex - We look forward to getting to know you!