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Josiah and Paige
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Since I, Paige, was young all I've wanted to be is a stay at home mom. My husband, Josiah, has wanted to get married and start a family since he was young as well. When he bought his first car after getting a job following college, he chose one that would be a good family car. He also planned on going into engineering because he knew it paid well enough to allow him to support a large family. We got married in October in 2015 and wanted to start our family and have kids right away, but that wasn't God's plan. We've tried many different things for fertility because we would love to have one naturally, but nothing has worked and all signs point to us remaining infertile.
After much talk and prayer, we decided that we want to move forward with an adoption. I am already familiar with adoption since my parents did foster care for a while before they adopted my little brother which is why I have always considered adopting. We both grew up in loving, good sized Christian families. I have a total of 8 siblings, one older and seven younger. I've always loved playing with and helping my younger siblings, I still have them come stay with me sometimes even though they live 7 hours away. My husband has 3 younger sisters, so he knows how to be gentle but firm. My younger siblings also love to play and learn from him. We both desire to have a child to love, teach, and play with. Both sides of our family and church family are also praying for us to have kids so they can love and teach them also. When we bought our house we wanted one that would be best for a family. We own a spacious house on four acres in the country on the edge of a quaint little town. We have a dog for a child to eventually play with, and our kind neighbors have horses we can watch run in the fields next door.
We live about 20 minutes away from my husbands family who can't wait to have great-grandchild, grandchild, and niece/nephew to play with and help take care of. We plan to raise our children in the nurture and knowledge of Jesus Christ, the king of the world. Both of us are strong in our faith and hope to pass the love of Christ and His church on to our children. We will raise our kids to be respectful, loving, lovers of learning, and to live their lives for others.

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We met each other at my church's dance which she came to with a mutual friend. We talked and danced and started courting soon after. After seven months of courting and trips back and forth between her home in Iowa and my home in Illinois, we got engaged. We had our first kiss at our wedding. We love going on walks, playing cards and video games together, watching Netflix, taking trips out West with family, and eating BBQ. The things that matter the most to us are our Christian faith, family, and raising several kids (someday!).

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My husband and I are going to Iowa for Tulip TIme this Wednesday. It’s Thursday through Saturday. It’s a yearly thing they do in Pella, Iowa and it attracts a lot of tourists. It is about the Dutch settlers and their heritage/culture. The people there dress up in dutch outfits from the different Providences and there is a lot of fun stuff to do and see, and lots of yummy food stands in the streets. My favorites are the funnel cakes and the strawberry smoothies from a certain stand. There is also a thing called the dutch market which is a lot of tents with things to buy in the park. In the afternoon and evening there is a parade. The afternoon one has the school kids, bands, homeschoolers, twins, and other things. The evening one has some of that and floats that are lit up with lights. Tulip Time was always a lot of fun growing up, though marching with your class wasn’t always the most fun. Theres a lot more than what I’ve put but it would be a really long post if I put everything. Everyone should go to it at least once and see for themselves how fun and neat it is.


Hey, so this Sunday is Easter. Our church is doing a Maundy Thursday service this year which I’ve never done before. Then there is the normal good Friday service and Easter Sunday service. For lunch Sunday all Josiah’s family gets together at his grandparents and hangs out the rest of the day. They do a Easter egg hunt for the younger kids, which the adults and older cousins hide. This year one of Josiah’s sisters wants to paint Easter eggs.
  Growing up my church had a good Friday service and Easter service.  We did an Easter egg hunt with some of the family and painted eggs a couple times with some. It was always fun whatever we ended up doing. I think it’s fun how Josiah’s family does it and I can’t wait to have a little kid running around with his or her cousins.

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Josiah and Paige

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Josiah and Paige