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Our Story

Our story began in 1991 when Lauren was 12 and Fred was 15. We met because our childhood best friends were brother and sister. Over time, we became childhood buddies. Of course, we teased each other mercilessly! During our awkward teen years something magical happened - we developed a crush on each other! We began dating when we were 16 and 19, so it's safe to say we are childhood sweethearts. As time passed it was clear to us that we were meant to be each other's forever. We were married in 2001 and have been best friends ever since.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home A little bit about our daily routine...Fred owns a small business that sells and services European cars. His father moved to the US from Austria and started this business. After Fred's dad retired, Fred took over. Lauren is a neuropsychologist and assistant professor. She works with patients that have experienced an illness or injury that affects the brain. She is also a teacher and researcher. After work nights are spent playing with Benji, going on walks, doing chores, and relaxing with the cats!

About Fred

adoptive family photo - Fred Above all, my husband is kind and patient. Fred has a way about him that puts people at ease. His warm smile is enough to melt your heart! Fred can bring out the good in a person, even if it’s hidden, and make them shine. He can get even the quietest person in the room to talk and laugh. He pushes me everyday to be a stronger and better person. Because of his love I am the woman I am today. What I love the most about Fred is that even when life has brought me to my knees he made me still believe. Most importantly, he is the best dad!

About Lauren

adoptive family photo - Lauren Lauren is the cornerstone of my life. Throughout the time we have been together she has supported me above and beyond what I could ever ask from another person. Her personality is unlike any other, her love for the world, wit, selflessness, humor, and compassion is uncanny. She has a knack of when you meet her you feel like you have known her all of your life and you know she would do anything for you. I have become the man I am because of her, and I feel this world in an amazing place just with her in it. I am truly grateful and hope everyone could meet her just once.

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