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Matt and Kim


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Our Story

Hi! We are Matt and Kim. We live in Brooklyn. We love to travel and make the most of everything New York has to offer. We are both family-oriented people who cherish our immediate and extended family and stay deeply connected with friends we have made throughout our lives. We love living in a diverse city rich in culture and community. We feel that children benefit from experiencing the world and opportunities far and wide. We love playing in Prospect Park, picnicking in green spaces around the city and getting on an airplane to get outta dodge.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We like adventures. We like doing big projects together. Three years ago we found a house in Brooklyn with great potential. It was in terrible shape but the bones were good. Kim and I spent the next two years designing and gut-renovating this house which is now a beautiful home with a large green yard. We like to call it the Brooklyn Farmhouse. Lots of people asked how the renovation was affecting our relationship. We were pleased to report that our relationship was thriving under the pressure of such a big project. We were able to have fun with it and very much felt like we were on the same side of the struggle. We love each other and see each other very well and with a lot of empathy.

About Matt

adoptive family photo - Matt Matt is like a love bear. He is warm, caring and sensitive. Kids always gravitate toward him, as I did, because he has a way of making each person feel like the center of the universe. Matt is very smart, self-aware and pays attention to the details. I love how he is able to acutely focus on the relationships and matters right in front of him, but also stay attuned to global affairs and politics. I feel a great sense of relief in having Matt as a partner. He has a knack for saying just the right thing to mitigate any stress I might have and is extremely funny. He knows just the right moment to inject humor into a situation.

About Kim

adoptive family photo - Kim Kim is the loveliest human. She is a relentless force for good and goodness. She gives of herself constantly. She is fun and goofy and loyal and warm. She is beautiful beyond compare. She is the girl at the party who has so much style and grace that you cross the room just to be near her. She has dozens of life-long friends who are a tribute to how much she cares for her people and how much they care for her.

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Matt and Kim

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Matt and Kim