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My name is Kyoko. I am a single Japanese female, who came to the US about 20 years ago. I work as a graphic designer and I love creating visually fun and practical work that is helpful in advertising a product or service. I enjoy being around people and I really enjoy talking and playing with children. I have a passion for the arts and enjoy dance, music and nature!

I was born and raised in Japan. After finishing college in Japan I came to the US to study graphic design. I was about 25 years old and I began working professionally as a graphic designer.

Because of my love of dance I enjoy spending my free time dancing salsa and hula and currently I really enjoy Zumba. After work I am usually taking a Zumba class, however I have also found much joy in Hawaiian hula dancing as well as Salsa and have even performed as part of a show. Dancing makes me so happy and relaxed. It provides an opportunity to express myself in different ways and allows me to interact with people from different cultures. I like going to the gym after work as well to boost and refresh myself after a day at the office.

Another extension of my artistic expression is photography. I am curious about people, as well as nature and the different events happening in the community. I love to capture these images. I also enjoy gardening as well. Each year I look forward to planting vegetables and flowers. I have a fairly large garden in my backyard that I tend to often. Planting gives me a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment. It’s very interesting to observe how each plant grows during different seasons, and it is wonderful to watch the colors changing. I find it
interesting to help them to grow - changing water times, soil types, fertilizers, and then to see the harvest of my labor.

Like most people, I love both eating out and cooking! Currently the community where I live provides me with a lot of opportunity to try food from different regions and I also enjoy trying to cook them myself. It’s fun to learn things about various cultures through their food.

Since moving to California, I’ve developed a love of hiking trails and walking throughout my neighborhood. I enjoy the sounds of the wind and scenery I and find walking fun and relaxing. It’s very rewarding to reach the peak when climbing a mountain or to set a specific goal and reach it as part of the enjoyment of hiking. I have found that I enjoy hiking alone as well as with my friends.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home I have a 4 bedroom/3 bathroom home with both a front and back yard. This allows plenty of room for outside playing. My house is located in a safe and quiet neighborhood - and is in a mixed community filled with neighbors of different cultures including Asian, Hispanic, African American and Caucasian. My home is less than a block from a distinguished elementary school. The neighborhood community members really take care of each other and offer lots of neighborhood involvement opportunities through different organizations. Often I see my neighbors out taking walks with their family members and with their pets. I am a few blocks away from both the middle and high schools that serve this area. Centrally located near two highways with access to several different supermarkets, restaurants, a few city parks, and only about 20 minutes to the beach.

About Kyoko

adoptive family photo - Kyoko My parents wanted me to grow into a respectful person so they included the Chinese character for “respect” in my name. My name “Kyoko” which means “respectful child”. I didn’t change my name when I came to the US because I wanted to honor my parents and their loving thoughts towards me.

I was born in and raised in a northern, fairly rural area of Japan. I was raised by both my biological parents and grandparents. I am the oldest of their two children ( I have a younger brother). As a young adult I loved talking with children. My parents wanted me to become a teacher so I studied education in Tokyo, which is a much bigger city than where I grew up. During my college years I realized how much I loved creating art in visual media such as painting and drawing. I found myself being drawn to some kind of profession related to visual art. After I graduated, I worked as a teacher for 3 years in Japan and then I came to the US to study graphic design. After graduating college in Massachusetts, I began my career as a graphic designer.

I was married for about 10 years but about 2 years ago we got divorced. During our marriage we tried infertility treatments but they didn’t go well. It was after this that my now ex-husband announced that he didn’t want to be a parent anymore. After much consideration we chose divorce. My ex-husband knows how much I want to have a child and he supports my desire to be a parent through adoption. We are still very close and I consider him to be a good friend. We are fortunate to still remain close even though we are not longer married. My friends are also very supportive of my decision to adopt and I am so grateful for their blessing.

As I mentioned before, I love to Zumba and going to the gym and exercising after work. I practiced Hawaiian dancing for 9 years and Salsa for 3 years and still love to watch Hula and Salsa performances. I love to listen to Hawaiian music as well as Latin music (Zumba music and Latin pop). I enjoy growing vegetables and flowers in my backyard garden. I like watching Japanese TV shows at night to relax. Sometimes I go to get a massage or I will go to a Korean spa to relax even more. I have a love for cooking and eating out. Hiking and walking are my choice for weekend exercise. I enjoy the sights and sounds while taking pictures and this satisfies my curiosity and interest in people, nature, and the many exciting things happening in my neighborhood as well as in and around Los Angeles.
I love other cultures and I am always interested in learning new things. When I have the opportunity to interact with other people from other cultures, I have tried to learn about their culture, food, habits, etc.

I enjoy traveling to other countries as well: I’ve been to Hong Kong, Australia, England, and Hawaii. I have a variety of friends, from different cultures including 
Japanese, Latino, American, Asian, (Filipino, Hawaiian, Indian, Korean, Singaporean, Taiwanese). I love to communicate with people from other cultures and development lifelong friendships with them.
My friends describe me as smart, strong, cheerful, generous, thoughtful, and willing to help others. I am not always very talkative but I do love talking with people and getting to know them better. I can’t ignore people in trouble and I sincerely want to help them. My friends know my history, and they know how resilient I can be (with some help from them :) ). They believe that I have the strength to face new challenges and they continue to encourage me to proceed with my desire to adopt even as a single parent.

I am diligent and work hard, I like to observe my growth as I overcome new challenges. Since I came to the US, I’ve had to overcome difficult times. I’ve cried a lot, and have felt miserable at times. Sometimes I feel homesick for Japan. The U.S is not my native country and I miss speaking in Japanese to everyone. It has been during this time that I have come to realize there is always some help if you look for it , and that having good friends to lean on when you’re feeling down can be a great support during difficult times . Thanks to this attitude I am able to persevere in my life. I can empathize with people’s emotional pain and understand hurtful situations because I have had some harsh experiences myself. I understand heartbreak in its many forms and what it’s like to feel alone/out of place, or like a stranger surrounded by many people.

I am a little shy but I make the effort to try and show who I am by expressing myself in different ways in an effort to communicate with people. I try to show my interest in 
others with extra care and kindness. I am responsible, 
honest and carry through with things I’ve started until they’re completed. I understand the importance of respecting deadlines and keeping promises.

My hope is that I have been able to provide you with a better understanding of who I am.

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