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Our Story

We met at a friend's birthday party. Before we ever spoke, I (Lyndsey) was drawn to Pat's great head of hair. I just loved how curly it was! We started dating after that evening and almost 10 years later, we are having just as much fun living our life together now as we did that night!

We currently live in Chicago, Illinois but are both originally from Michigan. We love everything about Chicago. The culture, food, art, and history right at our fingertips are a few of our favorite things about Chicago. We are both very active and enjoy different forms of working out and spending time outside. Our days usually start and end by taking our dog, Bentley, for a walk - we can't wait to add a little one and a stroller to that walk! After welcoming baby home, Lyndsey will transition to working from home.

In our free time, we enjoy trying new restaurants around the city and spending time with our friends and family. We also spend much of our free time volunteering and with an animal rescue group near our home. We love being able to help rehab the animals and find them forever homes!

Lastly, we love to travel and can't wait to bring our child along with us to create new traditions and make lasting memories. Our favorite places are Costa Rica, Charleston, Arizona, and Florida (both of our parents have homes in Florida so we travel there often).

Our Home

We absolutely love our home and can't wait to welcome a baby into it! We live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. We moved in a few years ago and have put our heart and soul into making it our own. We think it is the perfect place for a family. Our neighborhood is full of families and children. There are numerous block parties and community gatherings in the warmer months, and lots of holiday events for kids in the colder months.

Our community has so much to offer. Living on the outskirts of a city, we are fortunate enough to have many exciting places within walking distance or a short drive. This includes many parks, a community recreational center and pool, museums, an aquarium, beaches, basketball courts, baseball fields, tennis courts, children's gyms, restaurants, ice cream parlors and skating rinks.

Our church and the school our children will attend are located right on the corner of our block. This makes for lots of familiar, smiling faces every time we walk out the door. It is a true community in every sense.

About Lyndsey

adoptive family photo - Lyndsey About Lyndsey (by Patrick)-

Lyndsey was born on Valentine's day and is a nurse - to me, both of these truths have always seemed to be indicative of her huge heart. Her ability to love and desire to help others knows no end. It's also one of the reasons I was so drawn to her from the second we met.

Her favorite things include family, children, travel, and adventure.

Lyndsey has so many qualities that will make her an absolutely amazing mom. She is patient and understanding, but knows when to set boundaries. She is the most selfless person I have ever known and loves unconditionally. She lights up when she talks about what life will be like once we once we add a little one to our family. The thought of her finally being able to hold a baby in her arms to begin and end each day melts my heart and is everything to me.

About Patrick

adoptive family photo - Patrick About Patrick (by Lyndsey)-

Patrick is the epitome of what a husband should be. He is strong, but gentle. He is decisive, but open-minded. He loves fiercely and forgives easily. He is my rock, but isn't afraid to let be his as well. He is hardworking, but always present for his family. His ability to see the good in everyone he meets is so inspiring. He's a big kid at heart (this is one of my favorites!), but so responsible. I could go on and on, but I believe these are many of the important characteristics that will carry over as he becomes a father. These are also characteristics I know he will instill in our children on a daily basis.

The thought of him holding our baby makes my heart leap out of my chest. I know this thought is even more overwhelming, in the best way, when he thinks about it himself. He's dreamed of being a father for so long. It's been both heartwarming and heart breaking watching how sweet he is with our friend's babies. There is nothing I love more than watching him interact with them, and nothing more I wish for him than the gift of a child.

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Patrick & Lyndsey

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Patrick & Lyndsey