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Our Story

We are Nate and Clay. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We’re honored that you are considering us to be the proud parents of your child. We understand that this is an important and difficult decision for you, so we want you to know that we think what you are doing is both very generous and very brave. We can’t wait to meet you.

We both love children and have always wanted to be dads. We are happily married and have been together for almost 8 years. Having a family has always been important to us. Our family and friends are so excited to welcome a new member to our family.

Education and Work
Nate values education as one of the great joys and important responsibilities in life.
Nate’s awesome father is a doctor and his caring mother is a nurse. From early on they encouraged Nate and his brother JJ to try their best in class and instilled in them the value of doing well in school. Nate’s parents just retired and they are looking forward to being super involved grandparents.
Nate took his love of learning to college and graduate school and became an elementary school teacher. He loves kids and getting them hooked on books and finding ways to make the school day fun and engaging. He uses lots of games and interactive lessons to motivate kids to see school and learning as fun as well as important.

Clay’s mom is the best and was a housekeeper and sadly his dad passed away and was a surveyor for an aerial mapping company. Neither of Clay’s parents had the financial opportunity to go to college so they always wanted Clay to go to college and get an education.
Clay is the first person in his family to graduate from college. After college, Clay got a job working in a nursing home. Many people in nursing homes sit all day long, with nothing to do. So Clay started taking the elderly living in the home out and about; with the goal of keeping them out of their rooms as much as possible during the day. They loved it, and so did he.

This experience made Clay realize that there were many people in the world needing help, and even in small ways people really can and should always try to make a difference. He went on to obtain two graduate degrees in Health Care and now has a successful career as a Health Care Consultant for Hospitals all over the country.

Education and Life
We will value your child’s learning and education. We know how important getting a good education is and will make sure she or he gets great educational opportunities.
We already have a college savings set aside.

We also value life experiences, learning about other people and cultures, and believe it is every person’s responsibility to be kind and help others. We want to teach your child that the world is a big place and enjoy learning about other countries and cultures and that its important to give service and time to others to make it a better place for everyone.

Growing up (Nate)
Nate grew up in Michigan in a small college town. As a kid he enjoyed biking around the neighborhood with friends.
He and his younger brother would explore the local creek and look for frogs and other wildlife. His favorite part of growing up was going to the family lake house in Maine every August. In Maine the lake houses are called “camps”. Nate’s family camp is located on 10 acres and has two houses connected by a giant porch that looks out over the lake.
His earliest memories are of his Grandpa Mo teaching him and his brother JJ how to fish off the dock. He learned to water ski on that lake, while his grandmother drove the boat. They would always have a big family lobster cookout. He also learned to eat corn on the cob in Maine and loved it ever since. These days his parents are retired and live at the camp during the summers.
Nate and JJ loved escaping the summer heat and driving up to Maine for family time every summer, and often meet Nate’s cousins there, who have a three-year-old named Edwin. It is so fun to take Edwin fishing, watch him delight going on boat rides, and swimming in the lake with his floaties.
This would be a place for your child to hang out with family and enjoy and explore every summer, to create childhood memories of their own.

Growing Up (Clay)
Clay grew up in a small island community in Texas. He is an only child, and was adopted. His parents were older and could not have children. They were thrilled at the opportunity to adopt Clay.
Clay grew up feeling loved, secure and safe. He is very proud of having been adopted. His parents encouraged him to pursue anything. From as early as he can remember, they said only "we just want you to be happy and healthy, if you are, then we are happy".
Speaking from experience, this unconditional love is very empowering, Clay grew up thinking the "sky was the limit" and there was absolutely nothing he could not do as long as he devoted the time and focus to make it happen.
This is what we want to pass on to your child; feeling loved, protected and supported, also believing “the sky is the limit”.

Why We Want to Adopt

We want to adopt because we have so much love to give and we would love to devote our lives to raising your child.
Nate has a natural kind, patient nature that drew him to teaching. He loves helping kids learn and finding new ways to make learning fun. He is very nurturing and his experiences as a teacher will greatly inform his ways as a father.
Clay is affectionate, kind, and empathetic. He knows how important it is for children to feel safe and secure. He also believes experience creates knowledge, tolerance, empathy and kindness – all important traits to have in life.
We believe in giving your child an environment in which he or she can reach their full potential. We imagine the joy of showing him or her this beautiful world, to be his or her guides, and to help them navigate their place in it.

Our Ideas About Parenting

We believe in raising children in a home that is warm loving and happy. We know growing up and having responsibilities develops kids’ self esteem, knowing they are worthy, capable, and powerful.
This self worth starts at home. We want to give your child opportunities to develop her or his interests, whether they are piano, baseball, ballet, painting, or anything they want to try.
We imagine exposing him or her to a range of fun activities to develop their interests and talents. But we don’t want to be overscheduled so that they don’t know what to do with free time.
We believe in a nice balance of family time, activity time, and free time.


We love to have fun outdoors, surrounded by nature, and especially enjoy the water. We love to water ski at the lake, vacation at the beach, and ski in the winter whenever possible.
We can’t wait to share these fun outdoor activities and love of nature with your child.
We also enjoy kayaking at the family lake house during sunny summer weekends.
We love to travel and look forward to sharing memorable adventures with your child.
We also belong to a local athletic club that has an outdoor pool.
We often meet friends and neighbors there, many of whom have children. The club has a great swim program and all of the local kids take swim lessons in the summer.


One of our favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. Clay makes the Turkey, and Nate and his mom, take charge of the side dishes. Clay’s Uncle Ray brings dessert – which always includes apple pie among other things. We always have a large crowd, and we love it. We combine the dining room table with the kitchen table to fit everyone in.

We also enjoy celebrating Christmas and getting together with family. We look forward to decorating our tree with the decorations handed down from family through the years.
Every holiday at home usually ends with everyone in front of the fireplace: full, tired, and happy.

Fall Fun

Fall is one of the best times of the year in our area. By October all of the trees in the park next to our house are in full color. Our neighbors and their kids, love to go all out for Halloween. They make all of October Halloween month in our neighborhood. They have a big pumpkin carving party and invite the whole neighborhood. It’s lots of fun.
We get tons of trick-or-treaters for Halloween, and last year we helped Clay’s cousin make an “Uggy Buggy” scarecrow for their front lawn. We had a great time decorating with the kids and are considering doing it in our yard next year.
Every fall we go apple picking with Clay’s cousin Stacy and her two girls, Casey and Elle. Our favorite orchard also has a huge pumpkin patch. Elle (pictured with pumpkin) likes to try to pick them up and then drop them (see broken pumpkin in back), which we’re hoping she outgrows by next Halloween…;-)

Sum of Us

We hope this book has helped you to learn a bit about us and the life we hope to offer your child. We would be honored to devote our lives to your child. Thank you for taking the time to consider us.
We understand what an important step this is in your adoption plan, and are eager to learn about you and your dreams and expectations for your child. Please feel welcome to call our toll free number if you’d like to speak with us:
Also, feel free to call our attorney, Suzanne Nichols, with any questions you might have about us or the legal process:
Regardless of what you choose, we wish you peace, happiness, and love.
- Nate and Clay

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home One of Our Long Term Projects is Creating Our Home

We bought our house four years ago in the suburbs and have taken great pride in carefully renovating it into a warm country style environment. Both of us come from city living, and so this has been quite an adventure! But we love it. We’ve created a laid back atmosphere with cozy spots and lots of room for children to play.

Home Life

One of our favorite rooms is the kitchen. We both love to cook, and friends and family that visit always gather in the kitchen for good food and conversation.
Another favorite spot is the screened-in patio where we spend a lot of time during the summer and fall months. Our home feels like it’s in the country because it borders a nature reserve with walking trails and a playground.

Creating Our Home

We consider ourselves very lucky to be here, especially since we are close to New York City. We’re in the city every week, visiting friends, having dinner and seeing shows.
But we love being tucked away in the park. We look forward to a time when we can take your child to the playground, run around and teach her or him to ride a bike along the paved paths.

About Nate

adoptive family photo - Nate Clay’s Thoughts on Nate
Nate is the kindest person that I have ever met. He automatically relates to everyone, without exception. He has a smile that lights up a room, and when you speak with him you really feel that he is interested in what you have to say. This is not being polite (which he is), but speaks to who he is as a person; he is sincerely interested in people's stories, interests, opinions and values everyone's perspective.
Nate is smart. He could have chosen to do anything and have whatever career he wanted. He chose to be a teacher, because he loves children and believes this is the best job in the world. He tirelessly invests his time and energy in helping all children in his class learn to be good students and good people.
I am very proud to be his husband. He sets a good example that I try to follow every day.

About Clay

adoptive family photo - Clay Nate’s Thoughts on Clay
My husband Clay is a thoughtful, warm, and dependable man. He’s a great listener and also gives great advice. He’s focused, level headed, and honest.
Not only is Clay great with kids; he has a gentle way with elderly people too. Whether it is members of our family or other people at the retirement community where his mom lives, he listens intently to their stories and finds a way to make them smile
Clay is a doer, very task oriented, but he also loves to have fun! He’s a very solid person. He always knows how to soothe me when I’m worried and cheer for me if I’m unsure of myself.
I am so lucky to have a partner who is kind, intelligent, and charming. He is an honorable man, and I know as a father he will be amazing.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Nate and Clay

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