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Our Story

We met in Brooklyn when a friend brought Hannah to see Justin's band. We hit it off immediately and soon were inseparable. We were married on a farm outside of New York City surrounded by friends and family. A couple of years later we relocated to California to start a new life together and be closer to Hannah's family. We love spending time together and we travel frequently. We love nature and go hiking regularly. We love all of the things that a city provides like great restaurants and museums and concerts. We both love reading and we love to cook together. We love to celebrate life!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a wonderful neighborhood in Los Angeles called Silverlake. We chose this area because we can walk to stores, cafes and restaurants and because it's beautiful, diverse and interesting. There are many schools, libraries and great parks nearby including Griffith Park. We have a wonderful community here that has artists, families, small businesses and lots of doggies. One of our favorite things to do is walk to the park near our house with a picnic and spend the afternoon playing frisbee and chilling out.

About Hannah

adoptive family photo - Hannah By Justin:
Hannah was raised in California and danced her entire life. She eventually got her degree in dance at UC Irvine and moved to New York City to pursue her dream of dancing professionally. She soon was dancing with a company in New York and performing in theaters there but the rigorous schedule and demanding physicality eventually led her to look for another career. She used her knowledge of the body that she gained from years dancing and trained as a Pilates instructor. She now owns her own business where she trains many actresses at a discreet Hollywood location. Hannah is a loving, sweet person that is passionate about life, food, art, music and traveling. She loves to shop at the farmer's market and cook healthy delicious meals. She would be an ideal mother because she adores children and has a lot of love to give.

Hannah's faves:

Food- burritos!

Color- sea foam blue

Ice Cream- mint chip

Rainy Day Activity- jigsaw puzzles

Sunny Day Activity- toss up between hiking and playing at the beach

About Justin

adoptive family photo - Justin By Hannah:
Justin was born and raised in Syracuse, NY surrounded by a lot of family. He became passionate about music at an early age and after years of private piano lessons he began performing with bands while in college. After he got his degree he decided to become a professional musician which has led to travel all over the world and many unique and amazing experiences. After years of touring, Justin decided that he wanted to spend more time at home with Hannah so he started a business with his brother that became very successful and affords him to be more selective with his music work. He is a loving, sweet person that has a very goofy inner-child. He loves spending time with kids and has taught music in schools and has also volunteered his time to teach singing to under-privileged children in LA. In addition to music, Justin also loves books and movies and cooking. He also loves going on long walks with me.

Justin's faves:

Food- anything with peanut butter

Color- purple

Ice Cream- peanut butter chip

Rainy Day Activity- snuggle up and watch a movie

Sunny Day Activity- boogie boarding

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Justin & Hannah

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Justin & Hannah