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Dana and Susan


Dana and Susan
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We're a married couple in NY looking to raise a child in an open adoption

You are not alone.

You may feel alone, and that's incredibly tough. You're looking through all these smiling faces wanting to adopt your baby. You may not even be sure you want to do this at all.

But, you're incredibly strong. Here you are, thinking about making an adoption plan for your baby because you LOVE this baby. You want him or her to have the best life he or she can have. And it must really be difficult to think that someone else can give it to your child. We can't imagine that pain. To have strength through this pain is so heroic and brave of you.

We would love to give you the peace of mind that, by placing your child with us, he or she will have everything he or she needs. We're open to having an open adoption with you and doing what's best for the child. We invite you to look around at our profile and see who we are, get to know us. Most of all, we wish you love and light on your journey.

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Who We Are

We met at a conference for math teachers (geeky, we know!) in 2012. We are both former math teachers but are still involved in education. It was love at first "talk" for both of us -- we didn't shut up the entire night we met. Lots of gabbing about everything. But, Dana lived in Las Vegas, and Susan lived in New York, so we weren't sure we'd see each other again. Well, fast forward to 2018, and we'll be married 3 years this July 4!

Six years after the night we met, we still love to talk about any and everything. Education, television, sports (big Oakland Raiders fans here), music, you name it. (Not big on politics, though.) We both work (generally) from home, so we have tons of time to play with our 4 cats and 2 dogs. We've got a sense of humor about most things and get a kick out of making each other fall over laughing. We support each other through every new endeavor, no matter how far-fetched it may seem.

We will share with you that we lost 2 pregnancies -- and we're telling you that not to inspire pity. We're telling you that to let you know we have overcome some tough pain together, stuck by each other, and continued to have hope that we will have a family one day. We don't shy away from tackling the tough stuff. When something is hard, then it means it's worth it.

So, here we are, looking to adopt in an open adoption. We can't say it was part of the plan at the start, but we know it's a plan we are going to follow to the end.

Adoption Diary

How I Envision Myself as a Father

I would want to be the active father in my kid(s) life. One who both provides and is present for those moments that you never will get back.

I have been a teacher and a coach for 10 years. There are so many life lessons that are taught in the classroom and on the field/court. The students and athletes that I worked with were treated as my own children. I would work with them to find their strengths and work to overcome their weaknesses. Encourage them to work harder to exceed their expectations. I learned over that time that each child is different. Time and patience are two attributes that I plan to have when becoming a father.

You want to pass along to them the skills for them to be successful and how to deal with adversity. We all know that life isn’t fair and that sometimes life will give you lemons. As a father, I will always be there to offer advice and listen.

Father just like Mother is a full-time job. One that I take very seriously and want to be the very best at.

How I Envision Myself as a Mother

I have always been proud of my nurturing side. I love making sure everyone around me feels taken care of and safe. That part of me has always felt natural, which is what makes me dream about motherhood often and vividly.

I want to instill a deep feeling of gratitude in my children. Nothing in this life is guaranteed. So, when we sit at the table to eat, get dressed in the morning for school, and lie down in our comfy beds for sleep, I see our family saying “thank you” for the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the roof over our heads.

I want to teach my children to respect themselves and treat others as they want to be treated. I grew up in the Church with teachings rooted in love for oneself and for others. You have to love yourself first — which means eating the right foods (for body), respecting your needs (for mind), and filling your days with things that make you happy (for spirit). Then, love others — help others in need of assistance, use your talents to make the world better than the way it was before you were here, and consider others’ feelings before you act.

I want to provide the routine and structure that children need and crave. There is time for doing what we want to do, and there is time for doing what we need to do. I imagine planning consistent times for waking up and for going to bed. There are times we need to walk the dogs and do our homework. Then, there are times for riding our bikes or creating art or laying around and just being silly!

I want to show my children that we, as a family, work together as a small community. We keep our space clean to respect the other people and animals in our home. We speak respectfully to each other to show our love. If it’s our turn to set the table, we do that so that everyone can eat dinner together. We compromise when it’s time to choose a movie to watch as a family.

Lastly, I want to show my children that it’s okay to show emotion. If they need to cry, let it out. If they are angry, give them time to express it and then show them strategies to calm down. And it’s okay to say “I love you” whenever you want, accompanied by a hug.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Dana and Susan

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Dana and Susan