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Letter from GG, an Active Loving Grandmother

I am blessed, not because I am so great but because you would consider entrusting your child to the care of this family. I will have the special honor to love and cherish him/her as his/her grandmother, GG. I have two grandchildren. Kennedy who is 13 years old and Mason who is 9.  Your beautiful child will be my third grandchild and will be the youngest.  We are all extremely excited about having the opportunity to love, support and guide him/her along the paths of life. As GG my main goal is to love your child unconditionally while Read more »

Thinking About College

Education is very important in our family. My parents both finished college and encouraged us to do the same.  Now it’s time for the next generation.  GG bought Kennedy this new college sweatshirt. My dad. sister and I all went to the University of South Florida.  Keeping the family tradition alive. Go Bulls!!! Read more »

Learning Through New Experiences

They are getting some serious work done this morning. LOL We are up early Saturday morning for private cello lessons. Kennedy started playing a couple of years ago and loves it! (Don’t let the serious look fool you.) I want to encourage my children to explore their interest and will always support their unique talents. Read more »

Holiday Orchestra Concert with Family & Friends

We had lots of family and friends out supporting Kennedy over the past couple of weeks at her various orchestra concerts.  It was awesome being surrounded by so much love and encouragement. (Picture: GG, Kennedy with her cello on her shoulder, me and our friend from church) Read more »

Letter from My Dear Friend Kenya L.

Joy is a caring and vibrant young woman who has been a great example not just for her immediate family but those who have had the privilege to come in contact with her.  She is inspirational as a mother, giving her daughter well-rounded experiences and encouraging and supporting her daughter’s pursuits, and I have found that as a friend Read more »

Letter from My Dear Childhood Friend Kelli M.

I have known Joy for more than 30 years, and she comes from a loving home.  Her parents instilled values in her that makes her the strong, giving, intelligent and caring individual that she is today.  She has always wanted to have more than one child, and I would definitely place another child in her home because she is a strong Read more »

Letter from My Dear Friend Christy C.

Joy is a supportive and caring friend and parent. She shows a great deal of passion for helping others whether through her nonprofit work or in her daily interactions with friends and family. Joy is intelligent and curious which brings out the same in those around her. I would certainly place a child in this home as they are a happy family, Read more »

Letter from My Dear Friend Felicia F.

Joy is an awesome mom that is very present in her community and in her daughter’s school.  She will give a child love, support of a good family, lots of attention, plenty of fun, lots of laughs, a great education, hugs & kisses, a comfy home I would recommend her home because it’s a good home. It’s a loving home. It’s a stable Read more »

Letter from My Dear Friend Amy K.

Joy has an abundant amount of energy and love to pour into another child. I’ve known Joy for 15 years and her superior organizational and time management skills allow her to excel professionally and personally. I know Joy would love to share her love and wisdom with another child and help them meet their potential. Joy is an extremely Read more »

Letter from My Dear Friend Ion T.

I am truly honored to write this letter of character in support of my great friend, Joy. Our friendship has spanned almost two decades, and during that time she has shown compassion, emotional and intellectual intelligence, strong social awareness, wisdom, and poise… she started an initiative to increase awareness of infant health issues. She Read more »

Letter from My Dear Friend Mercedes C.

This letter is to wholeheartedly recommend my friend Joy as an adoptive parent. I have known Joy for over 13 years. Joy is beautiful inside and outside. She is intelligent, excellent communicator, positive, helpful, smart, innovative, cheerful, generous and dependable. These are some of the qualities used to describe Joy, but there are many Read more »

Holiday Season

We are getting the house ready for Christmas.  This year the whole family will be together. That includes my daughter, mom, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. I am finishing up the final touches inside and out. One of my favorite traditions is to collect ornaments throughout the year from our trips and special memories. Next year I hope Read more »

Thanksgiving Morning

Feeling blessed waking up to the beautiful view surrounded by family this Thanksgiving morning.  I’ll be spending the day with family and friends. Lots of food and football ahead! Read more »

The Nutcracker

Had a great time with my friend, Denise, watching the Nutcracker. So blessed to have such great friends. Read more »

Kids Need to Discover Their Unique Gifts

It’s important to me that my kids explore their unique talents. I will make sure your child has the opportunities to learn and try new things. My daughter enjoys playing her cello. She has played for two years and is in the school, regional, and local youth orchestras.  I can’t wait to help your baby discover his or her Read more »

Thanksgiving Vacation Officially Begins!!!

I love this time of the year!  I worked from home this afternoon and just logged off my computer for the day. Today was the last day of school before Thanksgiving break.  The schools are closed and I am on vacation all next week.  We are going away for Thanksgiving this year, but the house is all decorated. I stepped outside to Read more »

Letter to My Little Brother or Sister

Hi, this is your big sister Kennedy!  I am beyond excited to welcome you to our family! I can’t wait for all the things I will share with you! I am 13 years old and I’m in the 7th grade. I’ve been playing the cello for about two years now. This year am in the symphonic orchestra at my school and made the all-region orchestra in my Read more »

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