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Soda & John Adopt!


Soda & John Adopt!
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We want to welcome you and thank you for spending your valuable time to learn about us. There are lots of great people and families on this site, so maybe...just maybe, today will be our lucky day? It's an honor to know that you maybe clicked a little further into our world here, we know the decision you are making will be difficult and a big life event for you. Please know that our lives are vast and full of wonderful things that we cannot wait to expose a child to. No door will be closed, we are widely open minded, generous and honestly, just real people and pretty dang cool to boot. You can ask anyone we know and they'll scream from the rooftops that the outpouring of love we will share is as large as the Earth itself. Thank you, one hundred times over. We cannot wait to get to know you. Peace and Love. -Soda and John

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Who We Are

A little history...We met very casually on a trip to NYC in 2002, and 15 years later...here we are! A great and easy going relationship, no drama. We are kinda like Felix and Oscar and that's why it just works so well. We compromise, we trust, we learn... We love music, movies, cartoons, video games, toy collecting, family and friends. The list goes on.

We live on Long Island in an awesome, quiet town with our socially awkward dog, Bauer. We have great jobs and work very hard. We will do whatever it takes to make our adoption dream a reality.

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Beautiful weather/Amazing weekend

You can’t help but feel amazing after the first weekend in Autumn when it’s so incredible. Filled with Friends, Music, Chocolate, Movies and beyond. All of these things will be shared with a child and we cannot wait to give them an amazing world and share everything.


The best time of year has begun! Hopefully next time it rolls around we will be lucky enough to be pushing a stroller through a pumpkin patch.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Soda & John Adopt!

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Soda & John Adopt!