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  • Cara’s immediate family. All 20 of us together for Christmas!
  • Fresh air :)
  • Silly cousins testing their strength
  • Cara’s Mom’s Birthday!

Two Years Old!

  • This sweet boy turned 2!

Fall Fun :)

  • These two are so fun!
  • Llama at the petting zoo
  • Another llama with the cutest smile :)
  • Oliver got a fresh cut!
  • <3

Summer ‘19

  • Getting some sweet snuggles and a little nap for mama :)
  • Loves “driving” dada’s truck
  • Silly faces
  • Oliver doing what he does best, snoozing
  • At church with mom-mom and granddaddy
  • Ryan and I built our first raised garden bed
  • Oliver got a haircut and looked nothing like himself!
  • Ryan squeezing down the slide with Russell
  • Beach vacation!
  • We all love the beach!
  • Cruising the town
  • Family <3
  • Lots of yard work!
  • Doing farm life things while visiting my parents farm!
  • Beginning stages of redoing the nursery
  • Sanded, primed and painted all the trim work
  • Fresh coat of paint!

The Three of Us

  • Myrtle Beach '19
  • Family photos just before our son first birthday!
  • Oh that sweet gummy smile! :)
  • Family Photos
  • He makes the best facial expressions!
  • Busy playing outside

Universal Studios!

  • Browsing breakfast spots in the rain!
  • The most quaint little cafe in Savannah
  • Hot cup of tea to chase away the cold rainy chill
  • Savannah was so whimsical and enchanting!
  • Uhm, yes, I want a picture in front of the Hogwarts Express!!
  • Of course we had to try the butter beer.
  • A little break for a yummy snack :)
  • Beautiful views
  • Alligator just hanging out on the golf course :-X
  • Totally geeking out in Harry Potter World!!
  • Fire breathing dragon
  • Gringott’s
  • This place was seriously magical
  • All the magic hidden behind those walls
  • Ryan in Diagon Alley
  • Went in ALL the store to see all the creativity
  • Well done, Universal Studios, well done!!!

New York City

  • City skyline
  • Lady liberty!
  • The Brooklyn Bridge
  • Ryan rowing us around the Central Park lake
  • My handsome hubby
  • Ryan’s parents. Celebrating 34 years of marriage this weekend!
  • Just the two of us :)
  • Ryan and his parents
  • Us on the Brooklyn Bridge!
  • Waiting for The Lion King to start!
  • All the sights we were able to see on the cruise!
  • View from the hotel terrace
  • Ryan facing his fear of heights :)
  • Cara enjoying the view!

Friends & Family

  • Ryan's side of the family in Myrtle beach
  • Ryan's sister, mom, dad and us on a night out in Reston
  • Cara and her girlfriends at a Halloween party
  • Cara and friends at a wedding.
  • Ryan's brother's college graduation!
  • Ryan's mom and dad in New York
  • Out for lunch in NYC with Ryan's parents
  • Ryan and our niece at her school's father/daughter night because her daddy was out of town for work!
  • Ryan's Dad, Mom and Cara in Washington DC
  • Us and Cara's mom & dad
  • Us and Cara's immediate family
  • Us and both of our parents!
  • Cara and her childhood girlfriends
  • Us and our siblings!
  • Ryan and his brother after they ran the 10k!


  • Second Wedding Anniversary at the Jefferson Hotel
  • Trying to stay warm in NYC!
  • Exploring Times Square
  • Having fun at a wedding, Cara was a bridesmaid
  • More wedding fun
  • Cara and Oliver
  • Ryan and Oliver
  • Cara's favorite place to be, near the ocean!
  • Cara's favorite picture of Ryan and Oliver
  • Our niece's first ballet recital!
  • A night out on the town
  • The first time we met Oliver! He was incredibly snuggly :)
  • Stopped to take a picture holding the paperwork to start our home study. So much excitement for the journey!


Cara’s immediate family. All 20 of us together for Christmas!
Fresh air :)
Silly cousins testing their strength
Cara’s Mom’s Birthday!

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