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Our Story

We met through a mutual friend eleven years ago and have been happily married for 9 years now. Mariana was living in her home country, Argentina, at the time and she was clear that she did not want to have a long distance relationship. After several trips to visit Mariana in Argentina, Dave took a huge step and asked his long time company for a leave of absence of one year, moved to Argentina and rented his own place in order to make our story possible. He met Mariana's family and friends and became part of their lives, which was incredibly important for Mariana. After Dave's leave of absence ended, it was Mariana's turn to do her part. She quit her job at the Corporate Law Court where she worked for thirteen years and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, our first home together, where we got married in order to start the next new chapter of our lives!. We had a civic ceremony in CA, a Catholic in Argentina and a Jewish one in the US to honor both our faiths and our traditions. We always wanted a big family but after an early miscarriage it took tons of prayers and a lot of time, effort and the help of some wonderful doctors to be blessed with Julianna. We are a very happy family of three awaiting another heart to share our love with!
We were relocated two years ago to the The Woodlands area in Texas due to Dave's work. We value nothing more than FAMILY, and that is how we like to spend our weekdays and weekends, around family and friends.
The thing we love the most of all is to be together as a family, and surrounded by our extended family and friends! We love to have fun and have many close
friends in Argentina, California and now in Texas and we plan fun get-togethers and getaways with them whenever we can. We absolutely love traveling and we do it by ourselves, with the rest of the family or with friends. It’s a very important part of our lives. We travel to Argentina two times a year to visit our family there and spend quality time with them. We also enjoy doing many long weekend
getaways and vacations in the US and other countries. Since Julianna was born we’ve visited Disney four times. We are Disney fans!. And we were also invited to three different cruises from Nana and Papa (Dave’s
parents), and the rest of the family. We love to learn about other cultures and embrace the differences. Traveling is part of who we are!
While we are at home, we love to play games, do funny dances, just lay on the couch and watch Netflix together, and share walks around our nice neighborhood. We just love being together! And we can't wait to have another little one to share our love and fun with!

Meet Big Sister! Julianna is a VERY happy, always smiley, funny, caring and extremely loving 6-year-old girl. According to her teacher she’s very caring with everyone at her class and a very good friend of all the kids with no exceptions. She speaks Spanish and English and enjoys both languages and cultures very much. She calls ‘my friend’ to any little kid she plays with at a park, or a store or anywhere she goes. She loves music, singing and dancing. She has many different outfits from her many favorite characters, mostly princesses, and she loves to dress up all the time. She also likes to use mommy’s clothes to play dress up in funny ways that make us laugh.
She is a big fan of puzzles, blocks, crafts and is also a great mommy to all of her baby dolls. She also enjoys cooking with Mommy, specially baking. Without any doubt, Julianna is going to make an
incredible big sister! The most important thing is that she can’t wait to
have a new brother or sister and she even is beginning to draw her future brother or sister as part of our family

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a very nice, new
community in The Woodlands area of Texas which is about 30 miles north of Houston, well-known for the excellence of the schools, impressive wooded sceneries, incredible parks, waterparks, lakes,
and especially for being a very family-oriented community. Our home is a beautiful four bedroom
house with a nice yard for kids to run and play, and a big playroom which
Mariana decorated specially for the enjoyment of our kids and their friends. This room works also as a retreat for the three of us while we
are alone at home and we want to lay back and relax in our comfy couch or
just have fun together. The two of us are very neat and organized people
but we give Julianna and her friends the freedom to explore when they’re
playing together even if they make a huge mess together! Our house
is located a few steps away from our small neighborhood playground
and splash pad which is a huge plus during the summer, and a short
walk from the big park/playground/
swimming pool and lake. Even though our home is not extravagant, we feel that it is our castle and we
feel that we have achieved our own
personal American Dream!

About Mariana through Dave's eyes

adoptive family photo - Mariana through Dave's eyes Wow, what can I say about my incredibly special wife in only a short
paragraph? Impossible but I can certainly summarize who she is in a few sentences. If I could package an incredibly loving, loyal, caring, and family-oriented person that is at the same time the best wife and mother possible into a single person, the results would be my amazing wife! Mariana is a hard working, strong willed, loving and caring person. The presence of God plays a very important role in her life. She leaves everything in His hands! She enjoys nothing more than being a Mom! She's also my partner in crime and my best friend :). We love to say that "We make a good team". During the many years we had been together we had to face many different challenges in life and we always did it together.
She was a lawyer in Argentina and her career was very important for her but she did not hesitate to leave everything behind when we met and we start planning to have a family. Nothing is more important for her than being around family and friends, and she has made many sacrifices in all the years we've been together to make that happen. She's extremely sensitive but very strong at the same time. Her love for our Julianna and for me has no limits! She dedicates her days to make us very happy!

About Dave through Mariana's eyes

adoptive family photo - Dave through Mariana's eyes Dave is the most compassionate, loving
and caring person I know!
He’s a great son, husband and specially dad. What can I say? In my opinion he’s the best Dad in the whole world and loves our daughter with all his being! He’s not only my husband but also my
best friend. When I need a smile on my face I only have to turn to Dave.
Dave is definitely a people person. Everyone likes him, specially kids. We have a big group of friends with many kids. He plays with of all them every time we get together. He’s kind with everyone and I mean everyone. He has no prejudice and definitely no shame! The value he puts in faith, family, friends, and honesty is something we share and makes us a team. In our couple he's definitely the funny one! What more can I say? I just love him with all my heart and I can't imagine my life without him. He's my rock!

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