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Our Story

We are Frank and Emily (or Fremily, if you will). We met at a club, ok, it was a goth club. It was an appropriate setting to meet considering dancing and music are two of our favorite things. We quickly became close friends, with long phone calls and lots of texting. We fell in love during a once in a lifetime celestial event. It was a lunar eclipse that occurred on the Winter Solstice, the first to occur since 1638. We have been inseparable ever since. As cliché as this sounds, we are perfect for each other and we are very much in love.

We enjoy a good concert whenever we have a chance. We love doing things out of the ordinary, such as zip lining from the highest point in North America or celebrating Halloween in New Orleans. We love to travel and go on adventures. One of our dreams is to see the Aurora Borealis. Most of all, we love being with our family and friends and find we always have an event to attend every weekend, whether it be a birthday party or a holiday celebration. We are the “cool aunt and uncle” who won’t hesitate to climb into a bouncy house or play hide and seek. Above all else, we enjoy being with each other… cuddling up with some good snacks and a movie. Fun fact: our favorites are both trilogies, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings (favorite book too). Is that dorky?

Frank works for one of the premier global media technology companies in Manhattan. Emily has designed swimwear for brands like Donna Karan, Juicy Couture, and Target (to name a few). Frank is a musician who has released two of his own albums and is currently working on a third. Emily enjoys photography, painting, sewing and all things artsy.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home As we planned to start our family we recently bought a house in one of the top school districts in New York. We are renovating it from top to bottom to be our dream home. The house includes a big family playroom and a large backyard. There are lots of parks nearby and the neighborhood is perfect for taking walks or riding bicycles. We are an hour away from Manhattan and a short twenty minute drive to the beach.

About Emily

adoptive family photo - Emily Here's what Frank has to say about Emily...

Emily is an amazing person. She is stunningly beautiful, extremely intelligent, kind and compassionate and one of the funniest people I have ever known. Emily is my best friend and my most trusted advisor. She has taught me a lot and helped me to grow and evolve into a better person. Emily has a special ability to empathize with people and knows how to truly listen. She is also very honest and tells you what you need to hear even if it isn't necessarily what you want to hear. I am at home, peaceful and happy when I am with her and I count the hours whenever we are apart. I love that she is true to herself and holds firm to what she believes in. I know that she will be an incredible mother and that gives me tremendous faith and confidence in starting our family together.

About Frank

adoptive family photo - Frank Here's what Emily has to say about Frank...

I’m not one for silly clichés, but Frank is the man of my dreams. It took a little while, but I finally found him and it was well worth the wait. One day I was alone in my apartment (before I met Frank) and I remember sitting there thinking, as most women do, what I was really looking for in a relationship. Frank not only has all of the things I thought of that day, but so much more. He possesses all the wonderful qualities you might imagine – he is the sweetest most caring person I know, he is a deep listener, he always thinks before he speaks, he makes me laugh every day, and he is very handsome (of course!). Everybody loves Frank because of his warm and calming nature. We spent our first anniversary in the emergency room because Frank fractured his elbow when he ran and fell while trying to prevent someone from falling down the stairs at work. That’s Frank. He goes out of his way for people and then some. There has never been a moment in our relationship where I wasn’t proud to have him as my husband. He is indeed my whole world. When I watch him play and get silly with the children in our family my heart bursts with excitement to see him be a father.

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