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Dave & Amy
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Your child will experience things that most children can only read and dream about!


Wide open spaces and a multitude of farm animals are just some of the things any child who grows up in our family is able to enjoy on a daily basis. Our names are Dave, Amy & McEachern (mac-air-run) and we have been waiting for you to find us. We are not new to adoption, so for us, there are many emotions that come with this process; the most prominent ones being that of gratitude and utmost appreciation. Thank you so much for viewing our profile. With grateful hearts.

- Dave, Amy & McEachern

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Who We Are

West meets South! Dave is from California and I am from Alabama. We were introduced by a mutual friend nearly 19 years ago and have been married for 13 years now. It started out as a friendship for nearly a year before we decided to make it official and begin dating. After graduating college, I moved away from home to work a season at Dollywood. I had an absolute blast, but did not like being a part from Dave. After that, we ended up moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where Dave pursued an Associates Degree in Visual Communication and Commercial Art (Graphic Design) while I worked towards a Masters in Music Degree specializing in Vocal Performance. After obtaining our degrees, we moved to Nashville, Tennessee so that Dave could find better opportunities as a Graphic Designer and I could spread my wings within the Nashville music scene. Nashville was such a lively city and we had amazing experiences and created wonderful memories while living there, but I ended up taking on two more seasons at Dollywood and then auditioning for American Idol, which was an awesome adventure and experience within itself. Dave and I have lived a lot of life, but one thing that we learned was that we didn’t want to live without each other. He ended up proposing to me on New Year’s Eve 2002 at the Broken Spoke Saloon in Nashville and we were married on the family farm in September of 2003. We have been through many exciting adventures together and plan to keep it that way for many years to come.

After being married for a couple of years, we started trying to create a family on our own and that turned out to be much harder than we ever imagined. We can’t even begin to express how special adoption is to our hearts and how much of an impact it has made in our lives. It is without a doubt a big part of our story because God showed us the great joy that can come through adoption when we welcomed our son, McEachern (mac-air-run), into our hearts, home and family. It’s hard to imagine “life” before his existence as he is such a bright light in our lives and brings us so much joy and happiness. The course of our lives were forever changed when his birth mother selected us to be his parents back in February of 2013. She is and will forever be a huge part of our family and is our special angel here on earth. Of course, we couldn’t end this section without introducing another special member of our family. He is a Yorkie who goes by the name of Sir McCartney (Mac for short) and will absolutely melt your heart with his big brown eyes. Our family is extremely blessed and happy, but we know that God has yet another special birth mother and child out there and will allow our paths to cross in His time and in a way that will forever transform the lives of everyone involved.

Today, Dave works full-time as a pest technician and I work part-time from home as a project manager on government contracts. I also work part-time as a music director at the church where we attend and thoroughly enjoy leading the worship music as well as the Adult and Children’s Choir there. As a family, togetherness and laughter are very important to us. I come from a very large family and am the youngest of six children. My parents live right around the corner in a historical antebellum home surrounded by lots of farmland and all kinds of animals, including dogs, cats, horses and cows as well as a bird aviary that is home to two ostriches named Fi-Fi and Oscar, India blue peacocks and numerous Oriental pheasants. Any child that God brings into our lives will be able to play often on our family farm and enjoy the great outdoors to their heart’s content. Between Mimi’s delicious Southern cooking and outdoor adventures with Big Daddy, any child in our family will undoubtedly create a lifetime full of wonderful memories. Dave has an older brother who lives in Washington. His father and stepmom live in Texas and his mother and stepfather still live in California. His family is further away, but we are able to Skype with each of them on a regular basis and make visits throughout the year, which is really nice. During the course of our journey to have a child and continue expanding our family, God and our families have undoubtedly been a constant rock.

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Proud To Be An American

We were able to enjoy a beautiful Independence Day fireworks display from the comfort of the family farm last night and even though it was hot and humid, we had an absolute blast!

Summer Fun

This was McEachern’s first time to go down a big slide and I was so proud of him for being so brave and courageous climbing up the slide and going down it!

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Dave & Amy

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Dave & Amy