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Rob & Natasha


About Us

Our Story

We are one of the internet-age couples, having met on a dating site in 2008. When Rob first saw Natasha in person on a cloudy February morning just after Valentine’s Day, he knew that he was “in trouble” (his words). Three months later we purchased a property to build a house on and got married within a year. While we come from very different backgrounds (Natasha comes from Slovakia in Central Europe and Rob from Australia), we share many of our dreams and goals, such as having a family, and a nice and comfortable home. We know several families with adopted children and have witnessed the joy and love they experience. We are excited to begin the journey of raising a child, providing them with love, caring, support and opportunities.

Our Home

Mebane is a relatively small town close to Raleigh/Durham. We live on a wooded property at the very end of a dirt road with about 15 houses, far from noise and traffic. Our neighbors are friendly and more than willing to lend a helping hand when an ice or snow storm comes around. There is plenty of opportunity for play and discovery but also quiet time among all the greenery. We have recently expanded our property by adding a pottery studio, greenhouse and a vegetable garden, giving us even more space for our hobbies and play. One of our favorite things to do is stay around the house on cold afternoons, make a fire in the fireplace while the delicious smell of a freshly baked cake is filling the kitchen.

About Rob

adoptive family photo - Rob Rob is a man with many talents. He spends his working hours in a science lab at one of the NC universities, while in his free time he is a successful potter and volunteers at a local pottery studio. In addition, Rob likes woodworking, listening to music, watching football and soccer, and reading. His favorite books to curl up with are mysteries, biographies and true stories.

About Natasha

adoptive family photo - Natasha Natasha started out as a newspaper reporter but after finishing her degree in business administration, redirected her career to finance and technology. She relaxes best while baking, reading, making clothes, gardening and running.

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Rob & Natasha

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Rob & Natasha