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Another lovely weekend in the city :)

We are just now wrapping up a beautiful weekend where we enjoyed a lovely dinner with Uncles Jack & Charles on Friday night (forgot to take a picture, oops!) and then a quaint spot in Greenwich Village on Saturday night after visiting an art exhibition in Chelsea :) We are so blessed to be surrounded by so much culture and so many fun Read more »

Short road trip to upstate New York

We enjoyed a weekend road trip in upstate New York near the Finger Lakes. We stopped in the town of Montour Falls for a quiet launch and walk up to the falls. We drove through Ithaca to see the beautiful gorges and take a swim in the river! It was a fun weekend and we look forward to family trips like this once we have a little one to join us Read more »

Expecting a new baby niece!

Michael’s brother and his wife are having another baby! We are excited to welcome our new niece into the world in 2019. She will join her big sister, Serena (in the photo with Ronie), and brother Ethan. A happy family! Read more »

Michael in New Orleans with his fraternity brothers

Michael spent last weekend in New Orleans for the national convention of his college fraternity. He has remained very involved as a leader and volunteer and even worked on the national headquarters staff after college. Michael loves to provide mentorship to younger members and spend time socializing with alumni. And New Orleans is a fun city, Read more »

Visit from Uncle Howie!

Last weekend we enjoyed a visit from Michael’s Uncle Howie who came in from Tucson, Arizona. We explored museums, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, went to the Chicago Cubs baseball game against the New York Mets with a great group of friends, and ate lots of good food! Uncle Howie is very loving and is excited to come back and visit us Read more »

A beautiful day out in nature!

Today I went on a wonderful outdoor adventure. The leaves are changing and it was so beautiful. I love every season and there is something so special when the fall arrives and we get to wear sweaters and scarves. I’m hoping to bundle up our baby one day in a quilt my grandmother made for us. I’ve been saving it since first being Read more »

Video chat with our niece!

Saturday morning we got to video chat with Michael’s brother, Zachary, and our 2-year old niece in Chicago—it was so much fun! She is learning new words every day and starting to put together whole sentences! There is a little park in their neighborhood where Michael and his brother played catch with a football and played with Read more »

Sunshine on an early fall day!

Michael found us the best home! We have an amazing top floor where I often have lunch and take in the views. It is wonderful to see the church in the distance and think of all of the history that our neighborhood has. Read more »

Purdue football game!

We went with some friends of ours to see Michael’s college team play Rutgers over the weekend. They a.l.m.o.s.t. squeaked out a win, but we had a blast hanging out! And eating stadium food (with kale) of course! Read more »

Portland, Maine

I spent a week with my mom up the Maine Coast. It was so beautiful and full of rich history. We went hiking and ate blueberry cobbler made with Maine blueberries and spent some time taking in all of the sights. Our time together was so wonderful and I am excited for her to visit again soon! Read more »

Planning a trip with my mom!

I have always wanted to take my mom up the East Coast to visit the many wonderful light houses! We are going next week so this week is full of planning and maps and rental cars. It will be exciting and fun to experience and visit new places together! Read more »

Saturday at the Park!

There are so many great parks here. We took our shoes off and walked barefoot in the grass and then went out for some cookies! Can’t wait to have a baby with us someday <3 Read more »

French toast in the mornings!

I love making Michael French toast (and he LOVES it when I make it)! For the weekend we had a nice day in the park and at the parade after a yummy breakfast. The bakery in our neighborhood makes the best breads and rolls. It’s making me hungry just talking about it! :) Read more »

Cousins to be!

Our niece and nephew having tummy time. They are so excited to meet our child who will be their cousin. They live in Chicago and we go visit them often, well we used to go visit her. As you can see he is a newborn and just learning how to be a baby. :) We love them so much and are excited for our child to one day grow with them and visit Read more »

A hawk in the park!

We have a momma and poppa hawk living in the park next to our house. They have had 10 offspring and this is their latest baby. She is 8 weeks old and playing in the open grass! We are so excited to bring our child to this park one day and hope they find us soon! Read more »

Weekend home time!

We did some Summer cleaning this weekend and Michael arranged the shelves in the kitchen for me and added some hooks. I love to bake so it is so nice to have all of my flours and ingredients within reach! Maybe my next post will be of something homemade. :) Read more »

Michael gave our niece a bath!!!

We love our niece so much and are excited for her to meet our child one day so they can be close and have fun together playing and learning. She was so good in the tub and got clean and cozy afterward. :) Read more »

Family visit!

Michael grew up going to Barry and Maggie’s house for family events and holidays. It was so fun to see them on their vacation. Maggie is an actress so it was really exciting to pick her brain about acting. Barry is a singer, too. One day we would love to bring our child to one of their shows! Read more »

An amazing dance performance!

I went to see the Limon Dance Company this weekend. What an amazing group of dancers for such a creative and experessive art form. Jose Limon has said, “dance and music are a part of being human since the beginning of time.  It is part of our life everyday.  We use both music and dance to celebrate and express ourselves.” Read more »

About This Diary

Ronie is very much a dreamer while Michael is great at turning our dreams into reality - and this combination makes us a stronger team and will one day help us be great parents. We know we are not perfect and look forward to learning how to be the best parents we can be. We were raised well with loving parents so know that will shine through!

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