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All my respect and thanks to the birth mother of our future child

To the birth mother of our future child:

I wanted to start with the word "our" because you're going to give birth to a child that will always be a part of you and that your family and you will always love and remember.

I will always remember that this child came from you, from your pregnancy, from your love and care and from your thoughtful decision. I'll always remember that you have a family too and that adoption affects them as well.

Please know that you would always be present in our lives. I'm open to thinking it through together and deciding with you what's best for everyone involved.

I will support this child in knowing you and your life, that you're part of him or her and that he or she will always be part of you.

This child will always know how much I respect and appreciate your decision. Your child will always know that your love led you to want the best life possible for him or her.

Whatever your situation is, I know it's very hard, sometimes sad, confusing and easy to be hard on yourself. I know from personal experience.

It didn't work out for me to have my own children. I had my ex-boyfriend's children in my life for six years. I love them. They're two amazing teenage boys, but the time was way too short.

Whatever else happens, your love and care for this baby is a huge, wonderful thing. The fact that you would consider trusting this child to someone like me who will dearly love, cherish and support him or her is probably the most important decision you'll make in life.

Please remind yourself that you're brave, strong and beautiful. Remind yourself that you're going to do the best thing, whatever that is.

Please try to have love and patience for yourself as you consider your options and make decisions. I understand that planning an adoption will be hard. I hope I can help. I respect your decision process.

If it works out, I want you to know that your child will be adored, treasured and respected, surrounded by a huge loving family and given wonderful life opportunities.

I hope I can give you a glimpse of my life, personality, family and values. Beyond that, I look forward to getting to know each other. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Thank you again. With all my heart and thanks, I look forward to meeting you and starting what I hope will be a long relationship.


P.S. If you'd like to learn more about my life and be in touch:

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Who I Am

I have wanted to have a family for a long time.

I'm adopting as a single parent. I took longer than my friends to dedicate myself to having a family. I wanted to make sure that I could give a family a secure, stable and supportive home.

I'm proud that I built an amazing career in economic development and finance and am now ready to devote myself to this next inspiring part of my life - my own family.

I was with someone for 6 years and loved every bit of having his two boys with us. I still adore them. Unfortunately, that wasn't the right relationship for me or for my new family.

Now I'm at a place in life where I can give a child a wonderful world in my own big family.

I have a big family, and I love it. The first ones came here from Lebanon, Greece and Germany not very long ago. Dad, mom, 2 stepmoms, brothers, sister, aunts, so many cousins, and old family friends who are just like family. I have two stepsiblings (a brother and a sister, who feel like birth siblings) and a half sibling (a brother who I'm close to).

I have family by marriage, family by divorce, family all over the world - in Texas, Massachusetts, Greece, Lebanon, London, Spain...

That's how my family is. Everyone is family no matter where they are. Whatever the distance, we are always here for each other.

My career has been about good important work and passion to build a better world. Growing up and even now, I have watched my dad, sister, aunt, cousins and two stepmothers be respected medical professionals - doctors, dentist, nurse, physician's assistant - while caring for family at the same time. They help so many people in need, people who are very sick, people who are so thankful to have caring, smart people there for them.

It had a big impact on me. In the end, though, I decided not to pursue medicine but instead decided to work for a different kind of good in the world.

I studied economics and finance. I traveled to so many developing countries. I worked in what's called a development finance institution - an international bank that fights poverty and works to raise the living standards of people all over the world.

I worked in banking and investments too. I realized I wanted to use those skills to help people. I wanted to make finance work better for people who are disadvantaged or left out of the system.

I worked for an international organization helping governments and non profits with projects to reduce poverty, improve public health, education and gender equality and to build sustainability.

I became interested in housing and cities and started my own company to help make affordable housing a reality in places like India, Brazil and South Africa.

Now I work for a technology company that helps people invest for sustainable societies, where we can all live, work, have families and be healthy and happy together, everyone, no matter who.

I also sit on the Board of a foundation that builds people power - big movements for social justice all over the US.

Travel and languages have always been my way of understanding the world and connecting with people

I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. I learned some Arabic and Greek in college because of my family but now only know enough to be cute in a restaurant.

I love how much people enjoy and appreciate that you learn their language and communicate with them the way they communicate. It's one of the most important things I've ever done to connect with other people.

I have traveled all over the world and look forward to discovering places for the first time and seeing so many places again through the eyes of a child.

And now, it's time to have my own family, to share all this joy and to learn about the world together.

Adoption Diary

Esqui alpino!

Visité un amigo que vive en Colorado recientemente para esquiar por el fin de semana.

Me encanta esquiar. Fue un hermoso fin de semana. Los cielos azules. Los días cálidos. Las pistas soleadas. Todo el mundo disfrutando del tiempo, jugando afuera, golpeando las laderas y sonriendo de oreja a oreja.

Vi tantos niños pequeños - algunos de tan sólo 5 años de edad - aprendiendo a esquiar con sus padres y en las clases. Pensé que era tan hermoso.

Me gustó ver a otras personas esquiar con sus hijos y pensé cuánto voy a disfrutar haciendo esto con mi nueva familia.

No sólo porque es divertido, sino también porque el esquí es una buena manera de aprender. Aprender a ser físico, aprender a levantarse cuando se cae, aprender a apreciar la naturaleza, aprender a jugar, aprender a tomar riesgos cuidadosos.

El esquí es una de esas actividades que devuelve lo que usted pone en él, y estoy super emocionada de hacer esto con mi nueva familia.

Downhill skiing!

I visited a friend who lives in Colorado recently to go skiing for the weekend.

I love to ski. It was a beautiful weekend. Blue skies. Warm days. Sunny slopes. Everyone was out enjoying the weather, playing outside, hitting the slopes and smiling from ear to ear.

I saw so many little children - some as young as 5 years old - learning to ski with their parents and in classes. I thought it was beautiful.

I enjoyed watching other people ski with their children and thought how much I’m going to enjoy doing this with my new family.

Not just because it’s fun but also because skiing is a good way to learn. Learning to be physical, learning to get up when you fall, learning to appreciate nature, learning to play, learning to take careful risks.

Skiing is one of those activities that gives back what you put into it, and I’m excited to do this with my new family.

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