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What Do You Want for Christmas?

It seems like a simple question to ask our 2 ½ year old. Aria doesn’t think too big, so whatever she says will be easy to put under the tree. She gives me her answer, and I realize – I’ve underestimated her ability to think BIG.

Last Christmas Aria was too young to have any understanding of Santa. We met him briefly at the mall. Aria was terrified, and that was the end of that. This holiday season, I want her to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Last weekend, we were eating in a restaurant and a commercial with Santa came on the TV. I pointed out Santa to Aria and told her he would bring her gifts for Christmas. She looked at me skeptically, smirked, and told me “No”. I have my work cut out for me.

Over the summer, I found The Night Before Christmas book at a yard sale and figured this would be a good way to reintroduce Aria to Santa. So today I read her the story while sitting in a chair next to our fireplace.

After reading her the story, I told her Santa would come down our chimney. Again, she doubts me. She told me no, and points to the fireplace and says “fire”. It was as if she was telling me that Santa is not going to go through the fire to give her gifts. I assured her that we will not have the fireplace on for Christmas Eve. Seriously, how hard is it to convince a 2 ½ year old of Santa?

So, I finally ask Aria THE QUESTION – What do you want for Christmas? What gift do you want from Santa?

Her response – “A baby”.

I take a moment to think, and then ask – “do you mean a baby doll or a baby sister?”

Without skipping a beat, she says: “A baby sister”. I’m doomed in convincing Aria that Santa exists.

Well, if you were curious to know whether our daughter is excited to have a sibling, the answer is unequivocally YES.

And I’ll be happy to keep you updated on Aria’s belief of Santa’s existence. Future blog posts to come!

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