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Happy bday Adam!

Went to Adam’s bday party last night with these pretty girls, my daughter & 2 of her best friends. So much fun & so great to see so many friends after being in Florida for a few weeks. Read more »

Yankees/Tampa game!

Went to our first indoor baseball game with the Savas family. It was different, but cool. There was a/c which was awesome & lots of varieties of food. Rays won, but the Dodgers weren’t playing so wasn’t quite the same as being home watching a game. Had lots of fun! ⚾️ Read more »

Florida Trip

Having fun in Florida with these cute girls! Got to hang out with our good buddies & their super cute kids. We went to the beach at sunset & swam as the sun was setting. So pretty! ☀️ Read more »

Dodgers Spring Training!

Just went to Arizona for Dodgers Spring Training! It was such a blast! Madison got Kershaw’s, Joc Pederson’s & Justin Turner’s autographs! She was beyond happy! Saw 2 Dodgers games. We stayed at a beautiful hotel with water slides & all kinds of fun amenities for kids! This place was literally a kids’ dream! Read more »

Skiing in Big Bear! Fun!

Had such a great time at Bear Mountain skiing for the weekend! Had a cozy cabin with good friends, made s’mores, skied our hearts out, BBQed, shopped. Sunburnt & sore, but so happy!! ⛷ Read more »

Fun with daughter’s friends

We had lots of fun doing this “escape room” with some of our daughter’s friends. You have an hour to escape & you have to think quick & work as a team. We had a blast & we escaped with 10 minutes to spare! Read more »

Met Siena yesterday

Two of our good friends - Jenna & Henrik just had their baby. This is Siena & she is so sweet & so beautiful! Congrats you guys! We love you & love little Siena! Read more »

Disneyland Day!

We had a really fun day yesterday at Disneyland with my husband, daughter & one of her best friends! Went on a few rides, had a yummy dinner & watched the electrical parade! Only thing that would’ve made it better is sharing it with our new baby. Hopefully soon! Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤❤

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! I got to shower my hubby & daughter with presents when they woke up, then my amazing hubby & went & got massages, enjoyed the Spa, had lunch on the beach then a yummy dinner at Shutters on the Beach. So cozy! I have the best hubby in the world! I definitely won the lottery getting Read more »

Incredible family dinner supporting a great cause!

Had an incredibly yummy dinner last night at Spago with Grandma, Papa & us. Won the dinner at the Women’s Auxiliary Auction, so supporting a great cause of helping women & children in need. And our daughter, who wants to be a chef, got to tour Spago’s kitchen. She was so blown away! And the food was absolutely amazing! So Read more »

Having fun in Vegas!

We came to Vegas with my hubby & his brother, as they were coming for a convention. We stayed an extra day so we could have some fun as a family. Yesterday we went to the wax museum which was a blast. Never been before. The celebrities are so lifelike. And we went to some of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to & shopped a Read more »

Having fun in Vegas!

We came to Vegas with my hubby & his brother, as they were coming for a convention. We stayed an extra day so we could have some fun as a family. Yesterday we went to the wax museum which was a blast. Never been before. The celebrities are so lifelike. And we went to some of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to & shopped a Read more »

Le Reve in Vegas!

Saw the most incredible show ever with my daughter tonight! We saw Le Reve in Vegas! It was so beautiful! The acrobats & stunts with water & fire were amazing! The dancing was spectacular! So happy we went! Can’t wait to have a baby to bring up to experience these incredible performances! Read more »

Run Club!

Doing a really fun run club every Saturday morning now with my hubby & a few of my best girlfriends & some other runners! Felt so good to run 2 miles & we did it in the rain! So proud of myself & everyone who came & got out of bed early to freeze & run while it was pouring! Read more »

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to everyone out there! We hope this year brings you everything your heart desires! And although last year was a tough year for me there were still so many things & people to be thankful for. I know this year will bring our family a baby & all the waiting will just make that moment all the more meaningful! So here’s Read more »

Hubby’s bday!

Happy bday a day late to the best husband I ever could have asked for! I’m the luckiest girl in the world to get to spend my life with you! Thank you for all you do for me & Sugar Love! And thank you for putting up with me. Read more »

Christmas Day with our family was the best!

Christmas Eve is my mom-in-law’s bday. We went to see the movie, Sing & out to dinner with my husband’s whole side of the family. Then we went back to her house & opened soooo many presents with the kids. Then Christmas Day was awesome - went to my brother’s house with my whole side of the family. Opened more presents, Read more »

My bday is today! Yay!

Today is my bday! I’m not even that old, but today was a great day yet a very hard day. I have 7 friends that are pregnant or just had babies. And as happy as I am for them it really hurts my heart to not have my own baby yet. I’ve never wanted anything so badly as to have a baby and to have a little one to love and to raise again. Read more »

Matching jammies & tree decorating!

Had so much fun last night decorating our Christmas tree! Loved going through all our old decorations that Madison made & that friends have given us. We had Christmas music playing, made popcorn & sang along as we decorated. And the best part was that for the first time ever I bought matching Christmas jammies that we all wore. Yay! Read more »

So happy to help this amazing cause!

Sunday night we helped & were guests at a Human Rights Benefit Dinner! Youth for Human Rights is an incredible group that travels the world ensuring that everyone has all their human rights protected - whether they’re young children living in poverty in Sri Lanka, elderly folks taken from their children or teenagers living in gang Read more »

Last pic from sledding

A pic of just the 3 of us. Went with brother-in-law, mom & dad-in-law, niece & nephew! But had to get a quick shot of just us 3. Hopefully a family of 4 soon. ❤️☃️ Read more »

Sledding downtown

Who would’ve thought you could sled downtown? Fake snow, lots of snowmen, tubing, hot chocolate & family! What more could you want? So fun! ❤️☃️ Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Had an amazing day yesterday baking 5 pumpkin pies, 1 apple pie, 1 berry cobbler, corn bread shaped like animals & mashed potatoes for 32 people with my wonderful hubby, daughter & mom-in-law. One of my favorite days of the year. Can’t wait to see my family, my hubby’s family today & friends! And of course eat lots of Read more »

Such a joy to help others!

Went to the Women’s Auxiliary Auction/Dinner last night with family & good friends! We love helping this group who helps so many homeless families, low income & families in need. And got lots of great auction items for Christmas presents & ourselves, all to support an awesome cause! Read more »

Christmas at the Americana

Can’t believe it’s already that time of year! Went to the tree lighting ceremony at the Americana with my hubby & beautiful daughter. There was fake snow, fireworks, live music, dancing & of course Santa came! It was a little hard, I’ll admit to see all the families with babies. But I’m keeping my chin up & Read more »

Celebrating Sara with super fun cooking surprise bday dinner!

Last night was so much fun! We surprised one of our best friends, Sara for her 40th bday by making her think we were taking her to a girls night. Instead we surprised her with a really fun cooking night with 30 of her closest friends & family. We learned how to make a fancy chicken dish, potatoes au gratin, French onion soup & some Read more »

Cruisin in Aruba & Curacao

Been having an amazing time on a cruise since Thursday in Aruba &  Curaçao. Never been here before. It’s so beautiful! Went to a really pretty white sand, clear turquoise water beach today & swam & went on the bouncy banana boat. Watched the kids do a cute play tonight & ugh the food is incredible! Keep trying to Read more »

Our weekend was so fun!

Saturday we went to Underwood Family Farms, went on the wagon ride thru the veggie & fruit gardens, are amazing homemade pumpkin pie & had delicious lemonade, watched the country bands & played lots of fun games. Can’t wait to have a baby to take to see all the cute animals, the pig races & take on the wagon ride. Read more »

Halloween costume shopping

Had so much fun costume shopping last night with my hubby & amazing daughter! Dylan & I are going to be sailors. Madison found a really cute cheerleader costume. Can’t wait to have a baby to dress up for Halloween. Had so many great ideas for baby costumes! Read more »

The last few days

Wednesday night we went to the Dodgers play-off game & were lucky enought to get amazing field level seats. Went with Gramma Joyce, Papa Fergie, Uncle Chris & the 3 of us. The Dodgers lost unfortunately, but we had a blast hanging out with our family laughing & chatting. Imagined a beautiful baby in my arms wearing a cute Dodgers Read more »

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