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Liz & Luis


Photo Albums

Liz’s birthday

2016 Holiday Session

Disneyland for Ian’s birthday.


  • The three of us. Luis, Liz & Ian
  • Universal Studios for Christmas. This is Max, The Grinch's dog.
  • On the Linq in Las Vegas with Liz's Mom & Dad and Luis' Mom.
  • Our fun photo shoot.
  • We head to Big Bear every year for Liz's birthday with our friends who are family.
  • Liz with her Dad Rey at a Dodger Game for his birthday.
  • We can't wait to take our new baby and Ian to Disneyland with Tara and Elliott. (Liz's best friend)
  • Ian and Elliott in Palm Springs, CA.
  • We take family photos every year for Christmas, this is one of my favorite.
  • One of our wedding pictures.
  • Luis, Liz, Ian and Maddie.
  • One of our annual 4th of July parties with our family and friends.
  • Liz & Elliott on his 1st birthday.
  • Ian's first soccer tournament.
  • We love concerts.
  • Liz & Beau (their friend Jess' baby)
  • Baby Elliott and Luis.
  • Maddie & Carly
  • On our way to The Espy's.
  • Hiking in Yosemite
  • 3 generations of family members making tamales every year.
  • Luis & Liz in Vancouver, Canada
  • Us on Whidbey Island.
  • We Love visiting Aunt Ramona in Seattle
  • Our family photos by our home.
  • Skiing in Big Bear with Steve, Tara, Robert, and Alex.


  • Liz running the Dodger 10k with friends.
  • We participate in Life Rolls On every year.
  • Luis loves participating in Tough Mudder. Here is is in his 6th with friends.
  • Liz plays in a soccer tournament with her company every 2 years.
  • Luis and Ian at a Dodger game.
  • We love soccer games.
  • Liz's coworkers at a work event.
  • Boat ride with our best friends.

Liz’s birthday

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Liz & Luis

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