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6inches of snow in Idaho to Palm Trees in Utah

We made it to St. George Utah for our vacation.  We came down for a camping trip for 9 days.  It’s so nice to getaway to some warm weather and relax as a family.  Today we found the most amazing park we’ve ever been to.  Riot had such a blast and Carson and I were in awe at how cool it was.  We were wishing we were the only ones there so we could play on everything with Riot. Read more »

Oct 12th and we got 6 Inches of Snow

We’ve had an eventful 12 hours. It started with Carson daring me to jump in our pool while it was snowing and the water is 54 degrees.  I accepted the dare for $100.  Dont’ tell Carson but it was actually refreshing haha.  Then our power went out for a couple hours in the middle of the night because Read more »

Wheeling trip to NV

One day my mom and I were talking about Halloween and what our plans were.  This year was different for Carson and I because we usually have a big annual Halloween party for all our friends and family for around 100 people. And plus the past two years we were in charge of hosting our church Halloween party for 200 to 300 Read more »

High School Football Game

Rigby vs. Madison High School football! Carson went to high school at Madison High School home of the Bobcats and I went to Rigby High School home of the Trojans. Rigby and Madison are huge rivals, it gets very competitive not only at the games but after also.  So last night we hit up the game for our Friday night Read more »

Meet Tilly

Met Tilly.  She is our baby.  We got her on our way home from a trip to Utah after a failed round of infertility treatment. Kelsey was at a major low and depressed that another round didn’t work.  So Carson bought her a puppy to help.  Tilly is now a year and a half and she is very spoiled.  She Read more »

San Francisco!

A little over a year ago, Carson’s little brother and sister-in-law sold their house in the small town of Rigby Idaho and accepted jobs in San Francisco. We had been wanting to visit them for a really long time. This Labor day, with Carson having Monday off of work, we decided to take a long weekend and fly out to visit Read more »

Working in the Yard

With Carson being off work today (he has every Friday off), we worked on our yard.  We bought our home new so we had to put in a yard.  We choose to put all the landscaping in ourselves to save money.  Holy Cow it’s been a lot of work!  Tomorrow is Kelsey’s birthday and we are having our Read more »

Every Tuesday Night

Carson and I help with our church youth group.  Our church provides our youth with activities every Tuesday night. It’s usually a wholesome activity or teaching them something to prepare them for their future.  And on Sundays during Church we both teach the youth a lesson about the gospel. Carson is in charge Read more »

Night Ride at the Sand Dunes

After Carson got off work, we met Kelsey’s mom and dad at the sand dunes for a little night ride.  The boys both ride KTM dirt bikes and the girls both ride in our side by side.  We love just going out at night and enjoying the sunset and enjoying each others company.  The sand dunes are 30 minutes away Read more »

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This is what we are up to in life, who we are, and what you can expect your child to be doing if you were to place them in our family. Check out our Instagram daily for new posts also.

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